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burning, caucusing, weathering.

my sister's 39th birthday was february 20. in order to receive free shipping on the book and dvd of her choosing from amazon, i was required to purchase a lodge manufactured dutch oven with skillet lid. i finally ponied up and used it for the first time this week to make that seitan stew. i used it again yesterday to make the no time bread (which actually took over an hour... don't be fooled!).

sometimes, i am like a child. i had removed the skillet lid to allow the bread to bake the last 10 minutes uncovered. that lid had been sitting on the stovetop cooling for maybe 20 minutes when i decided i absolutely had to know if cast iron really holds heat like they all say it does. so i bumped the outer side of the base of my thumb against it. it really does hold heat like they all say it does!

i arrived at the 7:15pm caucus last night at approximately 6:57pm. the lady manning the door exclaimed "hurry! i'm about to close the door!" i was dismayed by the fact that the door was being closed when voting for the primaries wasn't even officially over yet and the caucus didn't begin for another 18 minutes. injustice! then people continued to pour in the entire time i was there and i was left to believe she must have been trying to say she needed to shut the door because it was just too cold to leave it open and if i didn't hurry up those last two steps, i would be forced to re-open the door all on my own.

it was immediately evident that obama was winning in my precinct. it took a good 45 minutes standing in line and chatting with the caucuser in front of me to get to the sign in sheet. in that time, 5 million more obama supporters showed up and snaked their way back and forth through the room, running circles and loops around the 15 clinton supporters. i walked out of there feeling pretty confident about obama's impending victory. a black man winning the presidential primary in texas. imagine that!

while watching the election results later, i was forced to begin realizing that my precinct is just outside of downtown and there are 14 zillion precincts which are not urban and seem to like the ladies better. poop.

here is the dallas four day weather forecast:

Today: Hi: 69 Lo: 40 Partly Cloudy/Fair
Tomorrow: Hi: 44 Lo: 31 Sprinkles
Friday: Hi: 47 Lo: 30 Sleet
Saturday: Hi: 60 Lo: 43 Clear
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