changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

voting. chained to the kitchen.

at 2pm this afternoon, oliver and i ran to whole foods and then to ye olde voting precinct in deep ellum. i was just thinking yesterday how i should try to update my voting address (again) and then grew nostalgic for the 3210 precinct. as i arrived to sign in to vote, i was told my registration was in "suspense" and i suspect it's about to be updated after having to fill out a card with my address.

so, mission obama part I accomplished.

we arrived home around 3:30 and i was chained to the kitchen crumbling seitan and cooking it with onions and garlic and oregano and basil before adding spaghetti sauce and then slicing seitan and putting it in a barbecue-like marinade and then making a labor intensive, one hour bread.

as i sat on the floor with a bowl between my knees punching the dough for seven minutes, oliver pulled his plastic shoe box over to the gate and watched for awhile and i started wondering again when he would be old enough to put to work performing manual tasks like punching dough with a wooden spoon for an eternal seven minutes.

then he started dipping down and popping back up and saying "hi!", down, up, "hi!", down, up, "hi!'...

brian just left to take oliver to his make up class and i'm having that weird where's-the-baby feeling again. i couldn't go because it would run into my time to go a-caucusing at 7:15. this texas two-step business is an odd duck.

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