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scientology kills.

a week or two ago, i phoned brian at work to impress him with the fact that i had just accidentally driven by the scientology church of dallas while providing oliver with his automotive nap. for an extended period of time, brian had joined the cult of the anti-cult and delved deeper and deeper into his anti-cult studies. i noted yesterday that i was pleased his interest had petered out and he explained he had read all there was to read and that was that.

a friend recently sent a link to a video of his town and i thought hey... maybe some clever filmographer has made one of dallas and i dutifully performed a search for "dallas" on youtube and, after scrolling past a page of videos from the show dallas, i learned i had just missed driving by an anti-scientology rally.

this kind of goes hand in hand with my surprise at seeing two young fellas at the major intersection in tyler weekend before last (where christians used to stand with a bigger-than-life-sized cross) holding small signs urging passersby to vote for obama. i would not have pegged tyler for any displays that are not republican-related. needless to say, i was pleased. and frightened for those poor kids. then, in the sports car to my left, the two young girls inside started shouting out their window intellectually-charged remarks like "OBAMA SUCKS BIG, HAIRY BALLS!" and "OBAMA'S BLACK!"

by this time, i had already rolled down my window to give the guys a thumbs up to help neutralize the idiocy streaming from the car next to me and i couldn't help but say "no you didn't!" the two girls turned to me and looked to have confused smiles on their faces wondering if i was supporting them or if maybe they didn't realize others were listening. which isn't particularly wise and could earn yourself a beat down shouting racial slurs to an unknown audience. when we turned and drove up a bit, i saw the East Texas for Obama headquarters in a strip mall. !

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