changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

oliver crackers in my soup.

i'm totally busy with my first scripting project today, which is why i'm taking time to post now, and brian is here on day 2 of his clean-the-house-for-his-birthday-and-birthday-company day and we decided to ship the woefully bored and perpetually cranky oliver off to the kidztime so he can not have his pants changed for three hours and still have a good time nonetheless.

and then, it hit me: we have never been at home together without him.

it freaks me out.

kind of how i kept getting a little freaked out all those days i was training an hour away at my co-worker's home and would have reverse fear. some parents forget that their babies are in the car. i was freaking out because my baby wasn't in the car. did i ever mention those four days were the longest i had ever been away from him? he might as well just crawl back up into my uterus and make himself at home at this rate.
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