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cats in the cradle.

after a tentative start in the right direction this morning achieved by dragging one of those extraneous ikea lack tables out to the living room and placing it in the corner between the window and the tv so that it hides the super large, cube-shaped speaker woofer thing and then placing one of our homeless lamps atop it and flanking it with three of the ever-drifting steelcase chairs, my day took a nosedive at naptime today.

i actually tried to have a traditional naptime whereupon oliver went to the bed for sleeping instead of passing out on my lap or in the car. this means i spent an hour and fifteen minutes struggling to get him to be still and fall asleep before he finally fell asleep.

my buttons were long since pushed by the time i got out of there.

i marched into the bathroom to pee and wound up with scissors in my hand wondering if i would walk back out of there with one of those haircuts that the crazy girls in the institutions give themselves. so then i had all these hair bits on my shirt and had to shed it.

i was having grand illusions of becoming a daytime lush just before i marched into the kitchen and pulled out my last hidden grapefruit izze and added it to two fingers of gin. for some unexplained reason, izze decided to spew as soon as i loosened the cap leaving a trail across the kitchen floor and a puddle on the front of my pajama pants.

i was now down to hot pink boyshort panties, so the blinds were drawn.

i turned that frown upside down and started tackling the laundry that chronically lands on the bed in oliver's room. once that was finished, i rolled our two bikes, which have been sitting in there for months now waiting for us to acquire a copy of the key to the communal closet downstairs, into LR2. i then did something i have been waiting at least six months for: dismantled the crib so that it could be transported through our absurdly narrow doorways and into our bedroom so that we might begin a migration of baby from the family bed. i will miss him dearly when that time officially manifests, but i have had a funny feeling for some time now that we will all sleep much more soundly. especially since daddy flops around like a fish out of water.

i anticipate having to buy one of those keep-away-cats crib tents in my future.

once the crib was out of there and the laundry packed away, the room looked huge again. i pulled the cheap ikea rug that brian bought ages ago so that oliver would have a semi-comfortable place to flop about on the floor and i spread it out on the new empty space. i transferred some of those obscene toy bins from the living room to the rug.

after a couple of hours of bliss, oliver woke up and i reassembled the crib in the bedroom.

then i steamed some broccoli and carrot slices and jasmine rice, sauteed crimini mushrooms and thinly sliced onion in coconut oil, thawed some tofu and green peas and edamame, and threw them altogether in a pot with four christian eggs and tamari and olive oil and garlic and madras curry powder and tahini.

sometimes, i wonder if i'm one of those supermoms; but, that only happens on the rare occasion.

oliver had a superfantastic time actually getting to hang out in his room a little bit. he found the gigantic, plastic ladybug that dave gave us and squealed every time he picked it up. he also immediately identified the two magnets i had added back to his magnet collection after having been long since lost under the crib. he spent some time playing with a handful of the pieces from my old fisher price family circus set. it's a crying shame i can't get my act together enough to sort his toys out and rotate them so that he isn't perpetually bored by them.

yesterday, i went on a long date with darren. i took him to pick up his car in the afternoon and he went with me to the fanciest of the records buildings which is downtown across the street from old red (courthouse) and also across the street from The Book Depository Building so that i could apply for a marriage license because brian has proposed insurance to me on several occasions and i have finally and definitively accepted, but it turns out that i incorrectly interpreted the dallas county website and both parties are required to be present just to apply for the license, which makes no sense to me. so we left and went to shop for boots at north park and dsw instead. no purchases, of course. we hung out here until brian returned home from work and his geetar lesson and then we left for the meridian room. i had the saddest roasted vegetable side ever: a skewer with two squares of onion, two squares of green bell pepper, one thin slice of squash, and a quarter of a corn cob. $3. and i was left with cornskin jackets on some of my teeth. my two hefeweizens could not dislodge them all.

i was home before 9pm. it was hilarious.

tomorrow, we leave for tyler. i am totally taken off guard by this whole thanksgiving mess. it didn't even occur to me until this evening that we had not purchased the tofurkey slices we were going to get for oliver, nor had i made any of the several food pods i was going to throw together for his meals. there is a trip to the store in my future. my sister is skipping out on the family shindig to go to a cabin in oklahoma with the family of my niece's boyfriend of six months. ? this means we will have three thanksgivings in a row at separate locations. ?

gluechlich dankfest.
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