changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm haunted.

i never had nightmares about that snake in the duck pond, but i can't seem to get away from them on the tv.

right now, before me, dora is in a rowboat with a monkey and a rooster dodging snakes in a river and being followed by a raft carrying three musical snails.

what i did spend what felt like all of last night doing was dreaming about ghosts and forewarnings of ghostly happenings approaching. i was staying in the woods in a large, decrepit, victorian mansion notorious for consistent hauntings. i was going to be staying a night on my own as well. i think my deceased (but not in the dream) aunt evie was even one of the characters. i was campaigning like crazy to get other, unknown family members and visitors to stay on for the night and informing them that even though they might be a couple, i would be sleeping directly between them.

some kind of black asp falls from the rafters in the exorcism of emily rose, which was the reason i was having these dreams and the reason i had watched the movie was because brian used false pretenses to allow me to think it was more of a courtroom drama than a horror film. he had campaigned to watch it back when it had originally come out and then, eventually, rented it on dvd to watch on his own. one of my caveats to movie-watching is that i will not watch movies about possession. this is a result of a combination of my wacky christian upbringing and my wacky set of brain chemicals.

by the time tnt had taken me far enough into the movie to realize i had been hornswoggled, my need to know that everything works out okay had taken over. of course, the movie ended at midnight, which is creepy time, but it was also when brian insisted on going to bed despite my insistence that we watch benign television for at least 15 minutes to cleanse my angst palate. he grumbled and protested and pouted and i gave in.

and now i've got love and rockets in my head.

ps: i had one of those moments yesterday which validate my tendency to pack rat. i've been looking for a childproofing solution for our LR1 window. i've been to babies 'r' us, toys 'r' us, home depot, lowe's, and target. i've called my mother and christie for advice. the only answers i've found have been on line for a piece of angled plastic that costs $5 plus s&h. then, i realized i had never searched amazon and quickly found a thing called a window lock that costs $.60 each. and then i realized i had seen something remarkably similar amongst my own possessions. i somehow managed to go directly to where it was located and showed it to brian, pointing out that it was something i think i just found somewhere in one of my homes and kept it not having a clue what it was for or from whence it had come. lo and behold, it fit our weird window frame exactly and works like a charm. i am a brilliant pack rat.

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