changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

teacher's pet.

i took oliver to the little gym on friday to make up a class i was told we were missing which i'm not convinced we were missing. free class.

according to's email regarding my 17-month old week 2, oliver should be excelling at becoming teacher's pet. this is uncanny because he has begun sticking by the teacher's side the last couple of weeks. her name is julie. she is not our favorite, but whatever.

i had mentioned to brian yesterday that i was getting the feeling that julie was becoming irritated by him hanging around. she had made a remark with what seemed a little bit of a tone that kind of gave me that feeling, but i gave her the benefit of the doubt thinking i might just be projecting some kind of insecurity upon her.

oliver didn't want to play with much of anything in the gym. he's started going in circles and will fuss and fight if you try to get him to climb on something. this began approximately as the beginning of semester 1 of 2 paid semesters began. i tire of pulling him away from julie. i finally figured out part of the allure is that he realizes she is the keeper of the box of bells they play with for about two minutes at the beginning of class. he wants that box of bells. he's very much in a phase where he wants to spend his time putting things away (and then pouring them back out, of course). he even went back to the edge of the room while the other kids were putting away their bells and found the lid to the box and brought it over. now that's a clever baby. someone you would want to hang out with.

this morning, it was more of the same. brian was there, so he heard the "edge" to julie's voice while we were all sitting in a circle on the mats and she said: "i'll just use oliver as an example since he's always right there." he thinks it was a little bitchy sounding, too.

i later whispered to him that she's a bitch and isn't she supposed to dig little kids? and then i felt a little bad.

maybe she's just one of those awkward people.
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