changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

old man winter?

it's been summery warm here with temps in the 80s. i even had the a/c on for a little bit this morning.

i was sitting here on the couch feeding mr baby and i swear i just felt the temperature drop. there's a draft that started blowing into the living room from underneath the bedroom door where the windows are open. could the edge of the heat possibly be fading?

i actually got a little sun on my arms and shoulders yesterday from walking to the spraygrounds park. oliver was a little toy thief taking a ball and a truck and a little wagon when the other 2 year olds playing there weren't around. two of the mothers recognized us from the Little Gym halloween party. i would be surprised because we were only there for about five minutes. however, we were THE ONLY people not dressed up because the schmo who took down my reservation over the phone said it wasn't a costume party. they probably all thought we were conscientious objectors to the evils of halloween as a result. either that or they thought we were conscientious objectors to the evils of halloween because we refused a plastic bag to fill to the brim with chemical-laden candy for our one year old.

after the other park-goers left, oliver tried to chase down a guy who was out exercising his two collies. as they receded into the background, a lady in her 50s appeared with a little dog. she digs toddlers and let him play for ages with the poor thing.

he fell asleep on the way back so i kept walking past the condo and on to central market. i'm hoping i can work some more magic like i did last spring when i went to the cardiologist and he scared me into taking 4-5 walks per week at which point i dropped those last several pregnancy pounds.
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