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tic tong.

i took oliver to see nurse carol yesterday so that i could pay $25 to confirm he has a new mannerism: patting his ears. he started doing this about two weeks ago when he spontaneously had this random fever right before we were leaving to meet brian at work for lunch at suma veggie. i gave him some tylenol because he was cranky and warm. after almost turning back from the restaurant at the last second, he was never more charming at a sit down dinner than he was that afternoon.

by the time i got him back home, he was warm and cranky again. brian brought some advil and a forehead thermometer home with him. 102.4! and he normally runs around 98 (i found out later). zoiks. two doses of meds later, he was fine and dandy. however, it was at that time he began doing the ear thing as well as drooling. he was never a big drooler and when he did drool, it was ages ago. he's produced a mouth full of teeth with no drooling. i was convinced i had brain damaged my baby. but the drooling stopped. the casual ear patting didn't.

brian hounded me until i made the appointment and he never looked better. he still weighs barely more than 20 lbs. when i was getting him undressed for the weigh in, i pulled off his shoe and discovered a pair of baby nail clippers in there, which suddenly explained his lack of interest in walking down the stairs. or out to the car. or to the examination room.

nurse carol managed to not saying anything that made me want to scratch my ears out this time (except for telling me like a naughty child to get a flu shot which i said i would which i won't... she sounded like she was about to start quoting one of those flu psa's abount not fluing everyone around you), but she did trot off after the visit to get him something, which i assumed would be some little prize for surviving the visit. she unwrapped and tried to hand him this neon orange, plastic tongue depressor, but he was too involved with these bead mazes he had stumbled across in the hallway. so she handed it to me. while i was buckling him into his carseat, he finally took the Tic Tong (as was imprinted on the plastic) from me and stuck it in his mouth. there was something about the way he looked at it before sticking it back in his mouth again that reminded me of those dog toys like nylabones that have flavor. i grabbed it from him and stuck it on my tongue. i discovered a rather creepy mintesque taste and threw it on the seat in dismay. oliver started crying. but that was more because he wouldn't go down for a morning nap.

anyway, i looked up the old Tic Tong on the internet back home and, while it lists many things it does not contain, it never says what, exactly, lends itself to give that great tutti frutti flavor. besides, what a waste of resources.

i tortured oliver some more by running to whole foods for provisions and to drop off mr pumpkin and mr fancy gourd in the cardboard bin out front to live out their new lives as plant food.

i braised cauliflower last night.

i still haven't posted any halloween.
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