changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

killed by a single sperm: babies and coffee.

i'll tell you what: since becoming a parent, i have noticed an increasing amount of parent-hatred running about on the internet.

it's funny because all the parent/child-haters came from parents and were children. i know, i know... they didn't ask to be born and they certainly were not the kind of child to ever be what some might call "bratty" and they didn't degrade themselves to the point of throwing a tantrum in public. they saved their tantrums for adulthood.

and everyone knows there is nothing less hip than parenting. oh god help me... my hip-o-meter is faltering. whatever shall i do in my old age? i've sold my cool to the devil of the womb. but a girl can only have so many abortions before she starts to look just plain silly.

apparently, it's also a major crime, whether you are an individual or a business, to achieve any kind of financial success. one commenter on a blog practically equated the ability to purchase a coffee from starbucks to being a member of an elitist organization accessible only if you have a key to the gold level. (You won’t help the earth if you only talk to your friends at Starbucks! guess what Ayesha: bamazillions of people go to starbucks.)

don't get me wrong, because i'm well aware that starbucks is a monster that sells pricy wares and if you're struggling financially, you would probably do well to brew your own as a matter of habit, but buying a couple of cups of overpriced latte in a week certainly has never qualified me for the forbes 400 richest. ps: it's not just starbucks hopping on the coffee-that-costs-as-much-as-lunch bandwagon. pretty much any independent coffee house i've ever set foot in has similar pricing and most cities are not fortunate enough to have an independent purveyor on every other block. and if you live somewhere like dallas, the indies are at least five miles away or they close at 1pm or they're run by pissy assholes who might as well put you on the bus and pay the fare to ship you across the street to the starbucks or they up and moved to victory park or they're a front for a christian organization. oh yes, and when you have a child in a carseat who will probably throw an unwelcome tantrum or at least cause a ripple in the ambience if you take him or her in with you and disturb all the super cools hanging inside, you welcome the terminally unhip starbucks drive thru.

it seems i've grown tired of it. grow up, kids. no one is saying you have to rent out space in your womb to offspring, but do you really have to pull out the ugly faces to people who have decided maybe it's not soooo bad? does that little piece of your ego teeter so perilously on your ability to distance yourself as much as possible from breeders? i swear to god we're not doing it just to annoy you.

For my part, I will continue to forego other, more ecologically harmful luxuries (such as children) so that I can afford to betake my single, cash-strapped, working-class ass down to the local organic cotton merchant and spend a few bucks on something I believe in.

that's right, Jo. it's a good idea to invest in something you can believe in. like yarn. and, as long as we're discussing ecologically harmful luxuries such as children, don't forget your own, childlike environmental footprint and feel free to be really hardcore and take yourself out of the equation.
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