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after feeling depressed sunday night, i managed to actually feel productive monday, despite the dreary, rainy, CHILLY weather. normally, a day like that would give me subconscious approval to be a slacker. instead, i somehow managed to go-go-go all day long. it may sound incredibly, domestically drab, but i was quite pleased to have actually gotten shit done around here and not looked at the clock and wondered how it could already be 3pm and i hadn't done a thing. plus, i was always the messy, non-domestic oddball in my family and have struggled to be some kind of productive householder.

i started off super craftily. since my son seems to be heading down the track to midgetdom, his 6-12 month old pants, which he never wore last winter, fit in length now. however, the waist was a little snug. so i ripped out three of the four rows of stitching on the elastic in the back waistband and then strategically snipped through the elastic in four places. we now have a pair of pants that fit. and he'll probably even wear them this year since we really can no longer get away with just wrapping his bare legs in a blanket when we leave the house. those were the good old days.

then, i vacuumed the whole place, even pulling the bed away from the wall to get behind the headboard and pushing it as far as it would go side to side since it's a dust bunny haven up under there. i finally picked up the twice-busted owl lamp (fucking ozzy) and bid it adieu (and by that, i mean i put the broken pieces inside what remained of the base and put it on top of the dresser next to the once-busted owl lamp). back to the bedside lamp drawing board.

for added fun, i went through the whole place and cleaned up the countless piles of dried cat puke/spittle which have been accumulating at an astounding rate. as soon as i was done with that, beany puked up a hairball and ttyki pulled out the brown magic marker she keeps hidden in her butt and started drawing a picture for me on the bedroom floor.

i got the baby down for a proper two hour nap without tears or struggles. i had become very agitated with sleep time because of how hard he fights it. it just doesn't make good sense. if we're tired, we go to sleep. we don't get up or roll around or shake our heads side to side as fast as we can. we have to practically pin him down after awhile to keep him still long enough to fall asleep and then i start feeling really horrible like i'm some kind of child abuser for holding him down and he'll remember how awful it was once he's older and he'll tell his girlfriend (or boyfriend) how terrifying naptime was and they'll shake their heads and tsk and look at me sideways when he brings them home for thanksgiving.

i've started a new tack: just let him do his thing, as long as he isn't standing up. it takes about the same amount of time, but i don't have to worry so much that i'm hard-wiring his little brain to become a serial killer or an insomniac and maybe, fingers crossed, eventually, he'll start to associate sleep time as not being so god awful and the process will go more smoothly and, god help us, we'll be able to do that thing i've heard about where some parents put their kids in bed, say "night-night!" and the kid just goes horizontal and starts snoring.

during my two hours of delicious freedom, i worked on my first sewing project. i've quickly learned that the actual sewing isn't all that difficult. it's the pre-sewing that is my nemesis. all that planning and measuring and marking and cutting and pinning. my whole life has led up to me being the anti-pre-sewer. not my bag. i can't even cut or draw in a straight line. it's always gone up just at the end. i don't know why. there's probably a test out there somewhere that would say that means i'm a serial killer or a dud in the sack or a secret nymphomaniac or a future homeless person or someone who can't commit to a singular path in life so that she can proceed to accomplish goals.

so the sewing project involves this fabric we were finally able to get from ikea that brian says looks like green fruit stripe gum and he's right. we have this curious abundance of lack tables from ikea. brian has these ever-evolving ideas about what he wants to do with his living spaces. i do too, but the difference between us is that i dally so long that i'll have abandoned ideas before ever acting on them, which can be good and bad, and he acts on them super-quickly and then just about as quickly decides he doesn't like it. so we have something like three of the end tables and one of the coffee tables. two of the end tables have been floating aimlessly around here and the others have become office furniture. i've decided one of the floaters needs a cube shaped table cloth so that it can move into my bathroom and hide the unsightly litterbox and maybe i'll finally paint that wall and peel the tub and clean the surfaces and we can actually take baths in there without being grossed out or, at least, it will be far more pleasant for my bi-monthly puke parades where i spend hours at floor level.

as i was saying, i made a little progress on the sewing and the sewing gods smiled down on me with rays of dumb luck and this thing has just started falling together and not looking completely wonky, especially considering it's a purely freshman effort and it almost looks like i know what i'm doing. brian thinks it's smashing, but he keeps his standards low for this sort of thing, which i like.

since all good things must come to an end, oliver woke from his nap and so we had lunch and, after being an incredibly fickle eater lately, he's come to consume with great abandon. he split some macaroni and chreese with peas, carrots, and tofu with me. and he liked it.

i forget what we did after that, but i'm sure it involved some playing and some nursing and a whole lot of "don't touch that!" and i eventually began making dinner, since brian requires that i have it on the table by the time he arrives home from work. it was beans and rice, which sounds dreary, but it was fancy beans and rice with things like carrots and onion and roasted garlic and vegetable curry powder. we showered the baby with me and i nearly died from how cute he is walking around naked looking like a cartoon character with his big head and tiny tiny butt and cute little baby walk that almost doesn't look like it should hold him up especially since his legs are akimbo so he can try to figure out what that tackle is between his legs. we tag teamed and got him down for the night and i rounded off the day slapping together a loaf of blackberry bread. brian even ate a piece and i guess he liked it despite saying he doesn't like it and not eating any of the previous four loaves and i know this because i discovered the following morning that an irregular mini-slice had been carved from the next piece in line.

yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, mild 65 degreed day. we had another spectacular nap and sewing time and then went to the farmers market. the baby freaked out because the first vendor had to go get change for my eggplants and i was hassled by this brother who looked like a street warrior who claimed he could sell me this whole box full of eggplants for only $5 and i kept telling him i really didn't need that many eggplants right now, what with a freezer full of blackberries and cherries, and so the baby started flipping out with real tears and everything because he was still for too long, i guess, and the lady talking to him probably thought it was because of her and i had to take him out and put the eggplants in his seat. we didn't stay long because the baby is heavy and it's hard pushing the stroller with one hand and most of all because having every vendor actively solicit me for my produce business makes me highly uncomfortable.

besides, i had to get home to make brian a surprise dinner: prepackaged cuban black beans and rice with eggs in potato nests. i made the mashed potatoes myself and added zillions of pressed garlic cloves, and water sauteed onion and red bell pepper. i finally got to use these fantastic sea foam colored vintage behandled soup bowls for the first time and they didn't explode or anything. then i found out that brian isn't too keen on potatoes with eggs (even though he does like the spanish dish with lots of olive oil and potato slices and egg) and especially doesn't like non-scrambled eggs, but the potatoes were good and at least he was honest, finally. otherwise, it would be eggs-in-potato-nests-tuesdays for life.

we tag teamed putting the baby down and then i mixed up my first batch of no-knead bread dough. i'm curious to see how that one comes out.

today, we're meeting brian up at the old office so he can take us to lunch at the veggie garden, which i haven't been to in three ages.
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