changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i've got many vegetables in my belly.

while we were finishing up dinner, oliver figured out how to walk backwards, which is coincidental considering the last little gym lesson involved going backwards, even though i don't recall the teacher ever telling us how to get them to do it.

brian took today off because it appears he caught oliver's cold. it feels like saturday. this afternoon, we went by the bank, then by best buy to get a refund on the warranty covering the camera that was STOLEN, and then by target for some clay pebbles, etc.

i spent two hours making dinner from this bag load of vegetables i bought at the farmers market yesterday in the sweltering, late afternoon sun. carrying 20 pounds of produce and 20 pounds of baby easily adds 10 degrees on to the temperature.

i roasted three of the five red bell peppers i got for $3. i boiled fresh black eyed peas from canton with a dash of salt, drained them, mixed them with olive oil, cloves of garlic i roasted yesterday, one of the bell peppers, and sliced okra and threw it all in the oven. i thinly sliced yams, coated them with olive oil and salt, spread them out on cookie sheets and baked. i cooked up a box of lentils and rice from whole foods. and, for fun, i tossed the two small squashes and zucchini in the oven to roast for eating later.

i was leaning in to start making a chocolate cake after we finished because a dinner like that calls for it and because it would make me spectacularly super human to make a cake after all that and then i decided the last thing that would help me fit into those new jeans would be attempting to consume an entire frostingless chocolate cake along with all the leftovers and those roasted eggplants that are hanging out in the refrigerator. so i told myself i could have a handful of walnuts (my new nightly supplement) and a beer instead.

we'll be watching knocked up, finally, after brian finishes coaxing the baby into unconsciousness in the other room. i know what you're thinking: "why watch knocked up when you lived it?" i just want to make sure they got the details right.
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