changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

ann, of the downstairs anns.

brian recently swore off trying to greet ann. he was weary of her frantic attempts to run away from his courteous behavior as if it was a physical assault instead of pleasant pleasantries.

i had sworn it off ages ago and the rare occasion that she doesn't automatically and willfully scuttle back into her cage when she senses our paths about to encroach upon one another, i would simply pretend not to see her. i would sense her presence in one way or another and then i would carefully not turn that direction or suddenly require extra time to get the baby in or out of the carseat or "would not be able to see her" over the bags set on the roof of my car. et cetera.

i think the final straw for brian came several weeks ago during our first attempt to get our bikes out and hook up the trailer and go for a trial run. there were snafus involved and brian found himself on the upstairs landing trying to work some of them out when, all of a sudden like some kind of violent freak storm, ann blew up the stairs on a black cloud and yelled at him wanting to know if he was planning on putting all those bikes back in the downstairs closet and if he was he had better make sure that he didn't put them in front of the access panel in the closet because apparently she has been the only party responsible for moving everyone else'ss's belongings when repairmen decided they want to go under the building and that's been for the last fifteen years apparently.

brian was dismayed.

i've since tried to convince him that it was, perhaps, just that old lady vernacular like my grandmother has where they just gripe really loudly and aggressively, but it's just plain old talking to them. he didn't buy it. he said she was loud and angry and mean.

sunday, as he was making a jaunt up the stairs, she intercepted him and happily gave him a 12 pack of coke because she threw him off his guard by asking if we drink coke and, for some reason, he said sometimes. she thrust it into his arms saying we should have it because she bought it on sale at the kroger, but she can't have it because her doctor made her swear off caffeine 10 years ago.

brian said: "i never know if she's going to yell at me or give me a 12-pack of coke and a $20 bill." i think that pretty much sums it up.
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