changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

package pants, tapas, layoff celebration, and matrimonial uncertainties. it's all in here and more.

here's brian at "work" last thursday just after the pizza party and just before the bowl-a-rama/lazertagfest.

he was home by fourpm which meant we were able to eat dinner early and go to the supertarget and feel over and over again like it should be later, but it wasn't and we kept getting free extra hours. it was nice.

since most remaining vestiges of my social life have been wiped clean and since brian doesn't realize that i still have izzes in hiding, he bought some market pantry blood orange soda to mix up at home with gin and limes to get me drunk for my layoff celebration 2007. man, it seems like just yesterday that we were sitting down at cosmo's for layoff celebration 2004. i can't believe it's been almost three years since i've had a proper layingoff. i have to admit this one is not nearly as fun as that one was. much less bar hopping and movie going to.

friday, brian had a goodbye work lunch for "tina" and an after hours going away happy hour for "tina", so i was on baby duty until eightpm and psychologically exhausted by the time he "stumbled" in the door.

saturday, we skipped The Little Gym due to a snotty nose and rattly chest. then we skipped buying eggs at the farmers market and eventually made it out to go and return the world's worst baby gate at babies 'r' us and get one that actually works. we also purchased two pairs of the cutest corduroy shoes on the planet and some winter pajamas.

as per usual, brian did not eat sufficiently before we had left the house and he is not hardy enough stock for fasting. we stopped by a spanish tapas bar that has a patio with an iron fence. it was still a little warm, but not unbearably so. we ordered the last two alhambras and i placed the bottom of the bottle on my arm to battle the heat back down. we nibbled on mixed olives and a slice of potato and egg omelette. since we were the only midday patrons outside, oliver had big fun running all over the patio and smashing his face against the glass door to the restaurant.

by the time we got back, there was just enough of a window for the two babies to take their nap before we needed to leave to meet dave and robin at mango for dinner. oliver had spent all his patience points and was riled up the entire time we were there. i watched the last three fourths of memento on tv and marveled at how easily plotlines leave my head after awhile.

sunday, we tried to go thrift shopping on gus thomasson. you have to have energy and endurance to find the good stuff at the thrift store and all i had was the baby and the world's biggest downpour once we were inside location #1. we thought it would let up after a minute, but it just pounded down harder. so we walked into a mexican convenience store in the same strip and didn't buy anything. the rain had cleared and we made a break for the car. twenty yards later, it was pouring again. we went into the mexican music store in the same strip and didn't buy anything. not a single cassette tape. not a single pair of pink alligator boots with matching belt.

we finally got in the car and felt defeated and went to the lazy man's thrift store: the vintage store. we figured ahab bowen was probably outside the storm. we stopped by a place on greenville called pop culture along the way. it was a weird mish mosh of vintage clothing, pretend vintage clothing, vintage furniture, toys, novelties, cards, party merchandise, etc. i didn't find anything i couldn't live without at ahab bowen and tried to keep the baby from destroying a hat stand of fedoras.

brian had grown hungry at this point, as had i, so we went to cosmic cafe without baby food or a booster chair. it was crazy. we rejected the first booster chair the waitress brought out since it was missing two pieces and was barely bolted together. death trap. he was a good little eater and shared a mash of curried spinach, yellow squash bisque, jasmine rice, black beans, nan, and strawberries while staring unabatedly at the dog dining a table down. we rounded the night out with a partial game of trivial pursuit. i lost. partially.

monday, the postman banged on the door twice during naptime to hand me a box from brian told me it was a surprise for me. i asked him three times if he was lying, since he usually is. but he wasn't. approximately one day before the grand layoff, he had ordered the ultra fancy, 500 cd compilation set of time life's greatest moments in soft rock history. he thought it would be fun for our road trip and hey, just fun in general. i felt bad because he didn't know about the great deals on ebay. listening to these soft rock hits last night while we played mancala made me yearn to watch the much underrated cherish. it's not a good movie by any means, but it's a good movie. and they play hall&oates. go watch it, but don't be mad at me when you don't like it.

anyway, i'm the new world mancala champion after winning two of the last three rounds. brian would have been the new world mancala champion if he hadn't let jesus play the first of the first three rounds for him. it was an automatic disqualifier.

earlier that day, i had gone on my first trip to ye olde herb mart and found super deals on limited inventory and liquid baby vitamins without childproof caps. i had to get the rest of the pizza fixin's at ye olde supertarget. later that night, brian became silently enraged with me. you know how boys are. stuff it down. then he decided to tell me why he was silently enraged with me just before going to bed. so this big wall i keep up at most all times to keep me from going quickly insane and to make me wonder why i'm so dead inside that i shed no tears anymore came crumbling quickly down and the whole world was a stormy, watery sinkhole where all my family and friends care nothing for me and it all makes sense now and brian only lives here because i tied him up in a sturdy, surprise baby bow and he would've been long gone for the third time a long time ago if my egg basket had been empty that one night after the bar and i played again with the idea that he should date other people while i move into the baby's room to begin our perfunctory, platonicky relationship. then he went to bed and i read some more drop city and then i went to bed and life was fine in the morning.

i still can't shake the feeling that i'm shirking work responsibilities.

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