changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

vacation: maiden voyage.

brian and i have been dating and other stuff for three years now. we have never vacationed together, unless you count visiting family or that one time we visited evelyn and hank, which we don't.

long, long ago, he wanted to take me to mexico with the money left over from selling his house and buying his condo. i felt i hadn't known him long enough to let him spend hundreds of dollars on me without me feeling guilty. and besides, it was for the best since he had quit his job with very little game plan and would need that money to feed his toilet paper and paper towel obsessions and to buy little things like electricity, groceries, beer, and jaeger.

we both continued to be poor or pregnant or consumed by child and vacationless.

then, last night, i let him book the hotel. it's a good thing it happened last night or i might have stopped him from the frivolous spending so that he could spend his money on little things like my end of the bills. but what's done is done and i'm going to pretend there's no way to get a refund.

it's nothing glorious. it's not old budapest or prague at easter or bermuda in the winter or greece when it's not on fire or the rockies in the fall or standing on the edge of the grand canyon or hiking the ruins in peru, but i'm in my element when it comes to being non-fancy. brian had a beach requirement and the baby had a driving time requirement. we did the math and consulted the charts and equaled the equation and stuck a pin in galveston.

it has poetic flair since that's where my parents honeymooned and it's also where they spent their 30th anniversary when mom refused to tell dad where she would like to go that wasn't galveston. it's also where we would vacation before i hit the age of 7 and we started heading to florida on an annual basis. we would stay at my great grandmother's where she housed an entourage of her daughters, then spread chicken pox across the astroworld populace, and hit galveston.

we're staying at the la quinta. no, no... not the grody one. the one a mile up the road from there with the free internet. we nixed the sandpiper. even though it's the only hotel in galveston ACTUALLY ON THE BEACH, it's also purported to smell of mold and forty years. we opted out of the flagship inn. even though it's the only hotel in galveston ACTUALLY ON A PIER OUT IN THE WATER, they didn't want us there on the 22nd and i heard funny things about them anyway.

i've already bookmarked all kinds of restaurants with vegetarian options and jamaican stylings and a patisserie and coffee shops and it practically looks like an eating tour.

we plan to spend time at stewart beach and rent an umbrella and see if galveston still has beaches infested with so many crabs you feel like you're in the pantscrotch of a cheap hooker.

we're going to drive through or around or however you do it the galveston island state park.

we might take the free ferry that travels to port bolivar which used to be the only way to get you and your car and your little, green suitcase and your family of four over there.

we might rent a surrey without fringe on the top and ride down the seawall while we cross our fingers and pray that oliver doesn't jump out of his little seat and roll down to the beach.

we'll go to moody gardens and visit the world's largest glass pyramid rainforest simulation and the aquarium. we likely won't go to the imax because we're still burned by that planetarium experience back at fair park.

we'll spend a couple of hours at kemah park and let brian ride an insane ride before we shake our heads at the sad commercialism of a once quaint gulfside hamlet where my cousin's wife tells me they are about to build a new rollercoaster twenty feet from the back doors of some condominiums; and, while i used to think i would be the fanciest kid on the three lanes if i had a small rollercoaster in our backyard, i've since changed my mind and think it would likely prove to be much more of a nuisance than anything. the kemah people won't even get to decide when to turn it off and send everyone home so they can take a late afternoon nap.

maybe we'll find out what the story is with matagorda bay and those islands i see on the map with names like pleasure island, blackberry island, grass island, mud island. or maybe we'll stick to the lakes: alligator, pelican, mud. christmas bay, chocolate bay. it's a bountiful buffet of topographical features.
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