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marion berry.

if ever there was a time to start liking blackberries and dark cherries, that time is now.

earlier today, i unloaded twenty-eight pounds of frozen berries into my refrigerator and freezer. it's many, many berries. and it didn't once occur to me that i might need freezer bags in the event that the berry shipper didn't feel like breaking them up into manageable portions for me. it was two big boxes, each with one bag that took me a mountain of serving spoonfuls to even think about seeing the bottom. i finally started running out of rubbermaid and old salsa/hummus/whole foods/central market plastic containers and metal loaf pans and patience and just rolled up what was still in each bag and shoved them into the freezer. i shut the door repeatedly until the bag of ice that was already in there broke up enough and resettled so that i could convince the magnetized seal to stay stuck.

i'm thinking this might be a good time to try making blackberry bread and cherry bread and blackberry-and-cherry muffins. but then i'll have bread and muffins that need freezing. that's kind of a joke because i'll eat it all up before mold could even schedule a flight and buy tickets and rent a car and unpack its bags and layout its comb and toothbrush on the bathroom counter of a dessert bread. the mold probably saw me carrying those twenty-eight pounds of berries up the backstairs and is planning all that out right now. the mold will find itself sorely disappointed and left sleeping out in the rental.

the baby is actually taking a nap in the bed. that's quite a feat for me to accomplish these days. i thought it might be nice to have a little thinking time and valve release time on this my day of employment release. he wants to wake up because he's full of body-racking little coughs, the poor thing. he needs to stay asleep. stay asleep. stay asleep. momma's head needs to float untethered, little tether.

i said 'release' twice in a row. how embarrassing. but it's what fate wanted and i don't have the power right now to change that.

last night, in a fit of spending money i didn't need to spend especially in light of today, i purchased two dresses at buffalo exchange. we were there looking for a tshirt and sweatbands so brian could display fashion while participating in fire-and-ice team bowling this afternoon after the company fed them pizza. my first dress was sort of lemon ice colored and i don't know if that's a good color for me. it had some white eyelet business on it here and there and was vintage. it fit perfectly except it was a little snug in the boobs. can you believe that? the second was not vintage, but sort of looked it. it was h&m instead and was made out of sweater and it's this weird mix of brick red and off white sort of all stripey streaked together and it has these buttons halfway down the front so you can let your ta-tas hang at will and that color is the kind of color that made brian say "i don't like it" when it was on the hanger and "i really like it" when it was on me. brian does that a lot. he's difficult to gauge. he's like the weather in texas. i don't remember what on earth brian got there, but he did find a tshirt at dolly python that said "ellis" on it a couple of times, which is good since it's his name and all. and then he got this kelly green track suit at american apparel that shows of his wang in profile as well as some yellow and green sweat bands. i hope his coworkers appreciate.

when i went to pick up the berries at the house of the ladygirl who participates in the co-op and lives a million miles away from me over by that great, old neon sign at the corner of webb chapel and royal, the truck hadn't quite gotten there yet. my baby had boogars in his nose and her baby practically still had uterine fluid in her nose she was so new (wow... all my pregnant lady terminology has really just flown straight out of my head), so i didn't want the two of them to mix. as it so happened, i had also received my third and final delivery attempt notice from UPS last night and they were holding my package hostage just a few blocks from berrytown. i hopped in my car and spent an agonizing wait down there waiting for my package of threadless tshirts before going back over to berryville.

as i stood on her porch holding twenty-eight pounds of stain-inducing berries in my two hands and she held a baby in hers, she told me how you sometimes have to place your faith in fortune when it comes to making the kids. she had given up a lucrative career path and they were doing just fine, she said from the porch of her nice home. she could have had a mcmansion like some of the uglies going up in her neighborhood and every other neighborhood, but what she has is just fine. give her six babies. she wants to eat this new one with a spoon, don't mind the imagery, she said.
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