changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

too bad the baby gates didn't work out.

my baby has learned many tricks the last couple of weeks.

he saw an empty toilet paper tube and promptly picked it up, carried it into the bathroom, and installed it on the toilet paper dispenser. he seems to know where keys go. he tried to hook a computer cable into the USB port on my laptop.

but the last day or two, he has been filled with bad ideas.

yesterday, he pulled out a couple of pieces of paper (i don't know where he keeps getting them), stepped on one, lost his footing, and fell on his belly hitting the corner of his right eye on the end table on his way down. just in time for me to take him to see daddy's co-workers.

just now, he invented a new game where he gets mommy really animated by threatening to pull the table lamp on to the floor. it's very funny. especially when she hits his hands with a small pillow.

he also discovered the open living room window which sits about 12 inches off the floor and has one of the ricketiest screens around (the very ricketiest is the one in the bedroom which has twice fallen into the bushes below sending joann over in a tizzy worried that one of the cats might fall down after it).

he still enjoys tugging at the electrical cords or trying to knock over the tower fan just for good measure.
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