changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

my grandmother.

i forgot to include an amusing few moments from last weekend which entailed me showing some photos to my grandmother. she has a knack for making rather honest comments without malice that crack me up. and she was full of them. 3 in the span of 36 prints.

1) "mara looks really good. she looks much better with some weight on her. it fills out her face."

(she's become notorious for complementing people on their extra weight in front of many other people. it wasn't until later that i realized her comment about me appearing to have lost weight was likely not a compliment. i was lacking the juxtaposition at the time. ps: it's not true. i'm still exactly at my pre-preg weight. she's just still used to seeing me looking like a beach ball.)

2) "that's that girl that showed up late to the party." (referencing dave's (ex?)girlfriend, robin.) "i tell you what... she could really eat. she spent a whole hour at the snack table. boy... she could put it away. she just ate and ate."

on robin's behalf, she had been working all day and i'm impressed to see someone who does modeling not be afraid to eat a little.

3) after quizzing me about cutting oliver's hair and sounding surprised that i'm going to do it myself (someday):

"well, you know... he really does look like a girl."

at least someone in my family isn't afraid to speak their mind.
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