changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

"soft rock."

i'm devastated.

while i was scanning the television waves for some stories suitable for watching during the weekly lovemaking, i became ensnared by time-life's beautifully constructed infomercial for their soft rock cd collection. it featured one stunning gem after another accompanied by archival footage that made me yearn for a soft rock dvd collection.

but they refused to say how much 168 top notch hits would set me out. the members of air supply just kept singing a capella and wearing painted jeans and telling me about the $9.99 trial offer where i could keep the greatest hits of 1977 FREE and without obligation if i changed my mind.

once it was evident i was not going to learn the ugly truth and would only continue to be distracted by 7 second song segments that you absolutely have to sing along to, i switched the television back to something mundane and forgettable like everybody loves raymond. i knew i had seen just enough of the infomercial to remember to look it up later.

so like a carrot dangling before me, i followed through with the task at hand and then jumped on to the internet. after some internet-clickery through the website, my heart was broken.


even though that included free shipping for a $14.95 value (and i didn't even have to be one of the first 500 callers if i was going to just buy it outright), it was still far too much to qualify for a late night impulse buy.

now i have but distant echoes rambling through my head and pulling at my heart.

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