changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

rusty razor blades.

we finally had our make up class at the little gym this morning. oliver was a bit clingy again. he also preferred playing with electrical outlets, cords, knobs, and doorstops to playing with the room full of padded equipment. more than anything, he would have been happy if i had let him sit by the window looking into the waiting room where a little boy was just on the other side playing with duplo.

on the way back to the car, i found a rusty razor blade in the parking lot. only thing missing was an apple.

last sunday, for my post-birthday wind down, we finally went swimming again in the condo pool. i was surprised to see so many "young" ladies. i made a little bit of a tan on myself. though i'm not pro-tan, i could stand to have my legs colored in order to hide their gross imperfections. my legs are some of the grodiest looking things this side of my grandmother. incidentally, my grandmother's legs look like road maps. at some point several years ago, she stopped wearing shorts because all the great grandkids would point them out. that will be my legs some day. though i'm not pro-plastic surgery, i will probably not say no to a cosmetic procedure on my legs at some point when i'm loaded and they've become more completely unbearable. which should be any day now.

so sunday night, we ordered mango take out for dinner. what a surprise. i've got to stop ordering so much take out. the waste is unbearable. either that or convince brian to take them our own containers. i don't know why i feel shy about doing that. i suppose then i would truly be certifiable instead of just eccentric.

i got another set of prints back the other day. i have several i need to scan. the last few were of oliver in his new, sparkling white shoes. he wore them to the playground so that he could run around, but instead, he chose to dig in the wood shavings like a little puppy.

it's totally weird having him running around the house like some kind of little person. we started letting him out of his baby cage when he started walking. boy howdy is this place unbabyproofed.

one of these days, we're going to get a baby bike helmet already. oliver got a bike trailer for his birthday from nanny lynette and granpappy ken. of course, by the time it's not scorchingly hot in the evening, it's practically his bed time.
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