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birthday celebration 2007.

as i sit here sipping my coffee mixed with the hair of the dog that bit me the morning of the day after, i find myself thankful that i did not have the wherewithal to make a post during the wee hours. i recall reminiscing about my old "the thigh speaks" post-bar posts while i was making thai kitchen lemongrass noodles just before i read that they contained shrimp powder and dumped them down the sink in favor of left over vegetable soup.

at the midnight beginning my birthday, brian gave me two presents to open. one was a handmade copy of miranda july's the boy from lam kien. this is interesting because i had added this to my amazon wish list a couple of weeks ago after reading about it on michaelpop's journal. i was considering getting it for brian for xmas. he also gave me a sewing book which i had also added to my wish list (my wish list is not public, by the way). we had both thought the cover looked rather modern. then we opened it up and laughed and laughed and laughed at the photos showing Pull On Pants and Pull On Shorts with elastic waists and tucked in shirts. if i was as johnny-on-the-spot with the digital camera as i used to be, there would be a photo of it right here:


we spent yesterday doing everyday errands and it never really did end up feeling like my birthday, for the first time. we went to the little gym bright and early. oliver was unusually clingy, but he loved dropping balls through the little tykes basketball goal. we went for coffee and then a long nap/drive to see the new retail area of victory park and we tried to go see the loft we almost bought in deepest cracktown, but couldn't get our highway transitions right. we went to the farmer's market to get jesus eggs. we drove by the "new" park where i took oliver last week right off the campus of SMU where there are plenty of trees and two tennis courts. brian stared at the people playing tennis and grew jealous. we went back home for lunch and to test out the new love of my life: the euro shark 2-in-1 convertible stick/hand vac. it's corded! dirt and pet hair are no match! when you pick the baby up, his feet aren't caked in filth!

once we were out and about again, we went to dolly python so i could show brian all the horrible art i was dying to have, only i couldn't figure out what it was i had been so in love with. so, instead of buying anything, we changed the baby's poopy drawers on the floor of the bathroom without a little diaper changing mat so he wound up with grey dirt streaks on the back of his white diaper cover and that, in addition to his boogar nose, made him look totally like a welfare baby.

so we took him to a scary ross trying to find baby shoes that actually fit (since the last two pairs i ordered were, in turn, too big and too small, but damn cute... see below). we found absolutely nothing, but think all you Simple fans should know that ross stores have been selling $20 pairs of Simple shoes.

we walked down to the payless kids only to find out payless has gotten uppity and started selling leather shoes. we finally found a pair of simple, white canvas, keds-like tennis shoes which looked like little marshmallows and got them. we did not despair over the pink flowered lining on the interior.

we went back home and the babies napped while i did some laundry and puttered. nichole showed up to go to cosmic cafe with us where we met with annette, mar, and dave. dave gave me wicker balls for my birthday even though i had insisted this was strictly a no-gifts affair. things like wicker balls are one of the reasons why it was a no-gifts affair. i ate curried vegetables, brown rice pilaf, and vegan raspberry chocolate cake.

we went back home to put the baby down while nichole stayed with him. brian opened the sewing machine he had gotten for me while i gave the baby his goodnight nay-nay's.

then brian and i met up with dave down at lee harvey's. as soon as i had exited the focus, i realized i had not brought my license. dave met us at the gate, but there was a new guy working the fence. we thought he was going to ask another bouncer, but just kept standing there hemming and hawing and making us earn our way in, i suppose. he asked me where my license was as if he could trip me up into admitting i was 19. i told him it was at home in my diaperpurse which i obviously didn't need since the baby was home. then i tried to assert my age by saying i have a baby. brian insisted i could have a baby if i was 12 (that's not true). i showed him my crow's feet and brian said "c'mon... she's obviously over 21" and the moog let us in as if he was the greatest guy ever.

before the legal document snafu, dave had been talking to some acquaintances named laura and neal and we ended up spending much of the night chatting with laura.

i had previously requested a special gift for my birthday: the second annual dallas dance off between brian and dave. i tried plying them with beers and shots. deep down, i knew i needed to do nothing more than wait and it would come to fruition once nature took its course. the major stumbling block was the dj. his music choices were absolutely awful. the few songs we did recognize were clubbed out versions. dave informed us the dj was a member of shanghai five. that meant nothing to any of us. it made me wonder what the music would be like if it had been mc 900 ft jesus' night to spin.

laura began sending over any male taller than the dj to threaten him into playing something decent. we eventually became intoxicated enough to not really care what was being played anymore, but i didn't want to dance because i felt it would validate the dj's poor choices. i later saw his pants. they were painted with small, red swirls. i don't know what was going on with him at all and it made me sad for him.

so the dance off finally happened a couple of times and i asked myself over and over why i had no camera with me. it was a super gay time.

then dave did this thing where he was talking to laura and me and raised his arm up and immediately said: "fan," because he had managed to stick his arm into the fan blades and all of a sudden, laura and i realized he was no longer wearing his glasses and we couldn't for the life of us understand why not and dave found his glasses right there, but they were missing one of the arms. and the arm was finally found behind the bar and we couldn't for the life of us figure out how his glasses had come off his face with part of them going behind the bar just because he had stuck his arm into the ceiling fan. it was wondrous.

even though dave is a bum right now, he kept the $2 beers flowing. problem was, brian was driving and he didn't need any beers. so, at one point, i was standing there drinking from a stack of three beer cans and managed to pour beer from the second full beer can because, well, because i was drunk and forgot that if you tilt two open cans of beer, but only one of them is pressed to your lips, the other will just pour on out from under the first. it was good times with my three tiered beer can. my foot of beer. my hang over of the future.

i called darren a couple of times, but didn't reach him. he was at home at a birthday potluck for his boyfriend, paul. he had mentioned he might be able to come to the bar, but was a no show. dave got their home number from my cell and called. paul answered and was supposedly displeased. according to dave, they were about to have man love. dave would say this no matter who he had called or when or what the circumstances. but it could be true. it could.

at some point, dave's friend john showed up with his brother and someone else i can't even remember (i think). i'm pretty sure we scared them away like when you get the feeling you were drunk talking to sober people and they just walked in on the middle of a dance off and weren't prepared or when sober people walk into the middle of an advanced game of spin the bottle and they sit there for a few minutes like they're all cool with it, but then suddenly have somewhere they need to be. so they left and wouldn't have another dance off for my birthday.

during my last trip to the restroom, i finally became exhausted and called brian on his cellphone to tell him we should leave. and we did. and i was glad. we arrived back home at 1:53am to hear the baby crying. nichole said he had woken up at 1:27am. she left. brian went to bed with the baby. and i toyed with the idea of making a drunk post.

i didn't make it to bed until 3am. i was afraid of getting up. i didn't want to activate a hang over. i mean, surely there would be a hang over. but, aside from thinking my vertigo might be kicking up and aside from having one of those alcohol-induced poop sprees, i seem to be pretty kosher. brian let me sleep baby free from 8-10am. i woke up with ttyki under one arm and oskar on my legs. it was like the good old days.
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