changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the first image.

the first time i saw brian, he was standing at the door to the farm&ranch lofts holding his hands up to his face to remove the glare as he stared in. the remote door opening mechanism via telephone was defunct that day and i had to run down the hall so he didn't think i wasn't letting him in. i was a little nervous to be walking up through the foyer as he watched.

he had brought some pink plastic jewelry he had recently acquired from a friend's vintage store in austin. he had written a charming email (well, a lot of charming emails) saying:

p.s. after some number crunching, my little program spat this out: "you will have to work later than you expect. also, you're not terribly fond of eating in front of people you don't know well, so just get drinks. try to be funny, but not too funny. you have to show that you have a serious side as well. oh, and don't wear the pink jewelry. you can put it in your pocket, but don't wear it. it's too gay. you might scare her away. holy shit, i'm a computer program and i totally just busted a rhyme. gay and away. and the perfect time is (drum roll, please)...8:00 pm. let me know if you need anything else, kisses."

p.p.s. holy shit, i think i should build robots or something. that was way better than i expected.

so the pink jewelry was in his pocket.

we decided to go to the meridian room. it was one of many places we have both been to over the years that makes me wonder how it is we never met before.

he was in charge of the conversation until i could get enough beer in me. we sat across from each other at a table. he got the booth side. he frequently asked me to give him my hands and he would hold them as he told me stories about his half year as a teacher and the evolution of Goiter Girl and he sprinkled about his fake hick accent on occasion. he told me about his recent lasik surgery. i asked why he was wearing glasses. he said they were fake glasses and he had felt too weird going without glasses considering he'd been wearing them most of his life. it was the only time i ever saw him in glasses.

i have no idea what i told him because i would have been drunk by then.

one of his acquaintances was a few tables down. when i inevitably left for the restroom, he asked her how she thought it was going. she told him he seemed to be doing most of the talking, but it looked like it was going well. when i returned from the restroom, he was nowhere to be found. then he reappeared to tell me he was outside smoking so that it wouldn't bother me. it was sweet at the time. let's just say i'm glad he finally quit the recreational habit.

i stole his seat on the bench.

he eventually ended up sitting next to me.

it was practically empty. even though it was a wednesday night, we were managing to close down the bar. something crazy like five hours had already flown by. he tried out giving me little pecks and i let him. then we were kissing just a little bit and wondering if we were about to make the bartenders puke.

we finally dragged ourselves out of there and drove back down the road to my building. he got out of the car to tell me goodnight. we hugged. i told him endlessly that he needed to eat a sandwich. he was so thin and i was so drunk my arms would automatically slide down and my hands would land on his butt.

we made out on the stoop.

i apologized for not offering him a place to stay, but my place was not fit for the eyes of a stranger.

the following day, i was rightfully dead tired. i asked him to send me 20 emails to keep me awake. he did. sort of.

the day after that, my tire went flat at work.

i have telepathically blown some air, hopefully, into your tires. visibility in carrollton is low at the moment due to a freakish storm we're having, so i may have missed my target (if you felt something blowing around your, uh, baby-maker, don't worry - you didn't pass gas).

if you're trapped in bedford i could always come and rescue you and carry you to the shining city on a hill (carrollton), where we could watch movies and pet pussies (i have quite an assortment of them).

i never did learn if rescuing me meant picking me up or actually changing my tire. probably the former. i ended up having darren change it because i already had plans that night.
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