changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

okc. horse. back room casino.

as emily_swank was revving up her rented red saturn ion in order to move on to jackons, ms, the three of us were squealing the tires of the silver ford focus on our way to oklahoma city. we had barely learned that brian's aunt imo was in seminole visiting from phoenix.

we had a bit of an eating tour of I35: a taco bueno bean burrito in denton, a starbucks latte and chocolate cake donut in gainesville, and mazzio's pizza in moore.

after a quick stop at brian's brother's to drop off our gear, we drove over to the parental home of jenny. jenny is the wife of brian's childhood friend, scotty. they were in from minnesota with their baby, annabel. we were killing two birds with one stone by catching them before they moved on to scotty's parents' down south of dallas. oliver went bananas playing with a sesame street play center and a haba push cart. he continued with his overwhelming desire to shut doors. there was a wagon ride in the backyard before we headed out. we managed to steal annabel's hedgehog teether. who would have guessed they would have made more than one of those?

we were too tired to take up bridget's offer to babysit and instead settled in with a beer at the house (it was a blue moon, emily_swank). then brian and i had a fight over my feelings on the use of recreational drugs and i went to find my space on the bottom tier of a bunk bed.

sunday morning, we were off to the lonely outpost of seminole, ok. much to my chagrin, we pulled into the catfish round up restaurant and rv park like we did a year ago. fortunately, we beat the rush which includes every citizen of nearby little, ok. i had one third of a roll, an iceberg salad with italian dressing, and two scoops of potato salad.

the afternoon was spent chasing oliver all over kingdom come. one of brian's cousins showed up with his wife and three daughters. it was hot, hot, hot outside, but i still donned a pair of borrowed red cowboy boots and rode a horse. it was funny because brian was all like "you have to go to the barn to mount because you have to climb up on a bail of hay". i suppose this means i missed seeing brian climb up on a bail of hay to get on the horse. this lady just stepped right on up without the hay. there are photos and videos of me looking like a loon with the red boots and the urban commando pants and the potato salad belly on top of that horse. i do not have access to them.

we eventually high tailed it out of there and then the most glorious part of the entire trip happened upon us. we needed to stop for gas. and stop we did. across the street from the arbuckle ballroom of davis, ok, in the arbuckle "mountains", we entered the chickasaw trading post. oh how i yearned for robin to have been with us. it was a goldmine of everything she would have gone to oklahoma for all wrapped up in a pretty, convenience store package. there were accents and motorcycles and hard-livin' ladies in tank tops and headbands with their swimsuit-clad children running amok. i selected a postcard since i had failed to remember to get one up around seminole despite the fact that the catfish round up possessed a gift shop. i'm still dying from that missed opportunity.

so we see in the back how there's this miniature casino with banks of slot machines. neither brian nor i had ever gambled and decided the occasion called for our first time. we teetered to the door and were promptly slapped in the face with the stale stench of a million smoked cigarettes. we were busy reading all the placards and figuring out how this business worked when the attendant lady said, rather unpolitely: "HEEE KAYNT BUH-EE EE-UHN HEE-UHR," or something like that. so we mentally flipped her off and headed back out past the bikers and on to the focus even though brian had read the sign stating "NO UNDERAGE CHILDREN ALLOWED WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION," bitch. i so very much wanted oliver to pull the handle or push the button or spin the wheel or whatever and win us our fortune.

then we went back to dallas, drove around a fancy neighborhood with pretty, mid-century houses on a tree-lined road, picked up our mint take out, and ate it.

the end.
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