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at 12:03pm last wednesday, livejournal wunderkind emily_swank was hurtling through the air at top speeds headed toward the sizzling hot, black tarmac of dfw airport so that she could see the movie of me after having read the book. i was busy carrying that 21 pound baby the wrong direction through the american airlines terminal. i corrected my course, changed a wet diaper not my own, and paced eagerly back and forth for a few minutes. then, just like in a movie, i spotted her down at the end of the super long hallway. about 8 minutes later, we were within shouting distance and i hoped, after all that walking and making faces at someone, that i had the right girl. and i did.

i managed to take her the super long way home via mockingbird lane. we ate hummus and oliver acted like i was trying to kill him once it was time for a nap. his shrieks put robin down for a much needed nap and i finally gave up on oliver. daddy babysat so that i could take her for her first of many unintended trips to deep ellum. two busted parking meters later, we were headed to sol's for mexican food. i had yet another run of bad luck at the completely packed meridian room and we diverted our drinking dollars to the inwood lounge instead. robin's disappointment at not hearing an onslaught of southern drawls began to show. i later told brian to greet her in the morning with his classic okie accent. he forgot.

i decided not to wake sleeping beauty even though it would mean she would miss the highlight of her trip: the shining jewel that is me in a bikini at the public pool. shucks. it was our last lesson. after i showered and primped, we drove over to dolly python to see if dave was working so we could pick his brain for retarded dallas things to do. he wasn't there, but robin managed to locate some old postcards and i managed to locate 10 pieces of awful art that i wanted.

then we found ourselves in deep ellum again. we lunched at cafe brazil and were waited on by a one-legged waiter and a two-legged waiter, neither of which were particularly friendly. they did that bit where they drop off your tab while you're still eating as if to say: "no cake for you two!"

so fuck 'em... we went a couple of blocks over to murray street coffee house for coffee and naughty eats. my barista there was even being less than friendly. and this on a day where i had just showered!

in order to continue the trend of doing nothing much, i took her on a driving tour of east dallas as a thinly veiled opportunity to let oliver nap in the backseat. to make matters worse, i made her go to a make up session at the little gym so she could observe dallas children and have everyone thinking she was oliver's second mommy.

brian babysat again so we could dine at cosmic cafe and drink at the grapevine. a gay man cooed over the racing stripe on the strap of my diaperpurse.

friday, brian took off work so we could have the touristy portion of her visit. we grabbed lunch at fadi's and popped into the sixth floor museum. the baby had only a passing interest in the demise of jfk, so he and i watched trains from the windows by the elevator. then it was off to the hall of state at fair park. i'm still not really sure what that building was all about, but i did learn that daddy's got the shaky hand when it comes to taking photographs of anything but himself or a profile of my nose. he's grounded from the camera.

while oliver was busy running all around, he managed to do a face plant on the marble floor and began wailing. then he continued making these little tortured noises because he dug the echoes. then, the driving tour/napping time began again.

we had a small break back at the condo before going to dream cafe for dinner on the patio. the baby is somehow hypnotized when we dine there... even if it's past his bedtime. perhaps i'll move into dream cafe.

after a brief run in with joann in the parking lot back home, we ditched brian for the third night in a row so i could show robin all the zombies near lee harvey's. according to my calculations, i don't think i've been there in almost a year. it felt different. it was quite busy, even at 9pm. there was an air of frat-daddy-ness. there was a middle-aged man there with his lassie on a leash. he sat by himself at the picnic table next to ours. it made me sad because i could totally see myself being so lonely that i would invent a reason to be around people... like taking my dog to the bar.

saturday morning, robin and i went to brunch at the nearby cafe brazil while brian and oliver went to the little gym. then, at the last possible moment, a golden cowboy walked in and sat down at the counter. he had on a cowboy hat, a big and brassy belt buckle, and cowboy boots. cha-ching! there was no way he didn't possess a drawl. as he sat himself directly in robin's line of sight, she said: "and he's even wearing spurs." haha, very funny. but, lo and behold, HE WAS EVEN WEARING SPURS! i was mightily satisfied and couldn't have been more pleased if i had hired him to come in myself. she even got to see a waterbug running under the door to the ladies room. our work was done.

we picked up daddy and baby and gear for us all and drove away to the budget car rental.

later, i discovered her trickery. thank you for the belly button book, you sneaky girl! oliver still loves a good game of "beep goes the belly button".

ps: my apologies for such a tedious post on a topic that warrants a glorious post. if i wait any longer, i feel the post will be lost to livejournal inactivity.

for some reason, i only managed to take photos at the state of hall.

here, we are approaching a redneck. you might not be able to tell, but he has a ponytail:

here is a good shot of the tornado brewing in the background:

this was robin's favorite part of the tour. she had a rather glorious view of the archer's tackle in the portico tejas. we had to drag her away from there:

daddy and baby on stairs with fancy chandeliers in the great hall:

the ceiling:

look at our sandals:

another reason brian is off camera duty... unsolicited photographs of the ladies' bottoms:

brian. rabbit.:

i later discovered that the state of hall worker had video monitors set up. i wonder if he enjoyed our show:

oliver running lines:

oliver petting an armadillo:

brian posing with andy hanson (staff photographer for the dallas for the dallas times herald... there was an exhibit of his work):

brian posing with a creepy portrait of someone's wife and her creepy mourning bonnets:
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