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spying and other weird things around the house. + my nephew's birthday.

thursday evening before last, i was camping out in the baby pen by the window when i heard a familiar, hollow, thumping sound. it was familiar because that's what our double-paned sliding glass door sounds like when someone is beating on it sufficiently from the outside.

i looked out the window to the courtyard, rubbed my eyes, and shook my head. i called brian in to doublecheck my sanity. was that girl trying to break her sliding glass door by thwacking it soundly with an iron patio table? why yes, she was. moments later, i realized that, in addition to a friend/roommate or two, there was a policeman standing by watching her. que? very curious.

she accepted her sweeping defeat doled out by the resilient glass door and moved on down to the window. instead of removing the screen, it seemed to have already been torn to shreds. another mystery. they gave it a good thwack, removed the shards, then one was hoisted in head first. we saw her appear shortly thereafter at the sliding glass door and looking unable to open it. still. they then went around to the front leaving us with the lingering taste of puzzlement still on our tongues. we later saw one of the girls go into joann's place and we fancy they were administering rudimentary first aid to a wound. so joann's got the dirt as usual. we also couldn't figure out why joann's lights kept going on and off. i thought, perhaps, robert was having one of his "spells" and randomly flipping switches. it was the best i could come up with.

friday, brian took off from work to be domestic and do laundry and prepare for his trip to okc without us. during my lunch "hour" we ran all over tarnation, which means target and lowe's, picking up miscellany for the one million gifts we needed to give. this also included a trip to the sears at valley view mall for dueling oil changes. while we waited, we walked around the mall and stumbled upon the carousel in the food court. baby went for a ride with me on the bench seats. he did not once notice brian waving at him during our revolutions. i feared an episode of vertigo as it lumbered up to speed, but i survived. brian scored some mint take out for dinner.

at the last minute saturday morning, after i had packed and preened and before leaving for the little gym, i remembered that the baby and i had been suffering lightly from our summer colds and other parents might not appreciate us hanging around their babies. even though dr ellis informed me we were no longer contagious, i still decided to just head straight to tyler anyway and skip the gym.

i arrived bright and early to my parents' house to find absolutely no one there. an hour and a half later, my father showed up perplexed that i had been there so long. left out of the loop as always. we left for my nephew's 11th birthday party at his uncle's new restaurant. my baby took off to check out the game room with the old school video games and pinball machines while i conversed with my sister and her friend over the ear piercing clinks coming from the nearby air hockey table. did i just make up an idiom? ear piercing? something's not right there.

i ended up driving around the neighborhood where 84% of my high school friends lived and marveled at how very little i had ever noticed a single thing about the homes in that area. the baby slept.

my mom finally showed up at the house and we all played with magnets and the refrigerator. eventually, my parents left to eat fine french food in celebration of their 40th anniversary. my sister and i had much difficulty in determining on what level we should assist in their celebration (seeing as how my mom possesses rather dubious feelings toward her marriage). picking out a card for the occasion was not fun. i almost picked a blank one with a photo of tibetan monks riding a rollercoaster on the front, but ended up with one intended for a 40th birthday and liberally mocking them for being perpetually older than i.

oliver and i had a playdate with my friend christie's two kids. abby did her best to keep oliver away from her toys and her daddy. christie and her husband had a tiff about m&m's and marshmallows. gabe pooped in the potty. i had a glass of water, jalapeno hummus with pita chips, and a gin with sprite and lime. the baby ate lots of morning oh's and part of a graham cracker and spent ages tooling all over the house with a walking toy. then he tumbled straight over the handle bar of the walking toy and landed right next to a morning oh on the floor which he plucked up with his pincer and placed in his mouth before dusting himself off. he slept in the playpen at my parents' for one hour. i had to climb into it with him to get him to sleep. i managed not to break it.

my sewing lesson was canceled sunday morning in lieu of taking a dip in a rather chilly pool. we then drove the 5000 miles to my sister's house to celebrate my nephew's birthday (again) and eat hamburgers and beans and potato salad and two kinds of cake. i met ashleigh's new boyfriend, tanner (as in a workman who tans animal hides, but he just plays baseball). they spent unlimited time playing with the new wii. the baby learned how to shut doors and shut doors he did. i put him on the trampoline and he fell on his face. it was good times. the trampoline was a choice location to lie on your back, look at the blue sky and fluffy clouds and pine trees, and feel a nice breeze while your nephew tries to kill your father with fast balls. as he said: "i've got balls."

the baby slept all the way back to dallas and pooped his pants a little so that i could change them in the car while he was all doubled up on the seat (because he's gotten so big) just before meeting brian to have dinner at kalachandji's. there was bbq tofu and cauliflower pakoras and a little asian girl who told us she was about to start the first grade and so were six of her friends, listed by name.

what are these weird things around the house, you ask?

the other day, ttyki had this massive hairball that ran from sternum to belly. the middle part gave way and she developed a handle. the belly part gave way and then she had a built in leash. it was remarkably fancy. i trimmed it off and have decided to keep it. it is impressive. she birthed a second, smaller hairball a couple of days later. they are setting up shop together and might become a stole and hat for my asian lady figurine who lives in the glass-fronted box of weird. there have since been a couple of mogwai pups that have appeared on the floor. they could have been slippers, but i wasn't thinking quickly enough.

ozzy got pinned down and shaved by brian last week. this is when we met our fleas. who's wearing a sausage casing?:

during one of ozzy's journeys to kill oskar in our bedroom, i shut him in there so he couldn't make his speedy getaway like the cowardly punk he is and i called oskar over and pointed at ozzy hunkered up by the door and tried to convince him that that was something to laugh at and mock and certainly not something to fear.

birthday party #1:

torn window screen post-window replacement:

weird cat #1 (is that a sausage?):

weird cat #2 with leash installed and leash uninstalled:

not so weird... just a baby watching television after removing his diaper cover:

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