changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

swimming. swinging. saving.

so, today was our third swim class at the park. it's been pretty low key, you know, because they're babies. well, actually, there are three babies and the rest are older. so us baby mothers drag our babies around by the armpits while the older kids get actual instruction. that's kind of what i was expecting anyway.

i'm just impressed i've managed to take myself out the door three times now while wearing a bikini. it almost didn't happen today.

yesterday, oliver looked longingly at the swings as we walked by them on the way to the car. another mother from swim class with two girls had already claimed them. today, i beat a path out of there and kept my eye on her until he was safely snuggled into one of them.

yet another mother from the class came over and was chatting with me when she looked over my shoulder and asked: "did they just dump a dog?"

i rewound the last two seconds of my mental audio file and realized i had also heard a car door slam. i looked just in time to see a red jeep pulling away and turning right and turning right again to head north on skillman. back at the spot on the curb where they had taken off, there was a large pit bull puppy looking at loose ends and trying to figure out where his family had gone so suddenly. according to another woman who came over, they had had their little girl do the dirty work by enticing the puppy to jump out of the car while she climbed back in and slammed the door. did they at least get her belted back in?

the first mother began calling 311 as yet another mother came up the sidewalk pulling her two daughters in a wagon. we met by the dog. poor thing had a limp and scratches on his nose. i wondered if they had wanted to use him to fight. wagon mother, a rescuer of dogs, offered to take him to the aspca. she picked him up and loaded him into the wagon with her daughters.

i was thoroughly disgusted.
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