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the fourth of july: an american spectacular.

someone made his first big boy turd today. mostly. time to break out the baby book and a pen.

that same someone currently has legs strongly resembling those of the seussimal from put me in the zoo as a result of all the mosquito bites he incurred while dining outside at cosmic cafe tuesday night. he sampled my squash soup and like it. he nibbled on some naan and like it. he seems to be liking the pea green pureed peas i made for him the other day so that he could have apple peas. he's become a champ at putting fake cheerios into his little mouth and has been working on speed. i'm glad he's decided to like them. it means i don't find them in his lap or on the floor or between the cushions of the couch or stuck to the back of my shirt. it also means he won't be staining his shirts with the grape pieces out of his fruit shaped cereal.

we took the baby back to the goody goody liquor store again so i could get a jug of irish cream and a jug of gin. i got jugs. and beers not in jugs.

we made plans to swim right off the bat the morning of the fourth. and then it rained. again. for the 278th day in a row. i spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen and we both spent considerable time getting the boy down for his nap and i had an interesting phone conversation with my sister. by the time we were all showered and out the door, most of the day was spent. precisely what i was trying to avoid. it seems the cosmos inhibits us as much as possible when it comes to leaving at a decent hour on our days off.

we went to the whole earth provision store so brian could buy another pair of hippie shoes in a different color. oliver held my hand and tried to walk a display shoe over to the register. two older ladies commented on what lovely hair my little girl has. and he was even wearing a blue shirt with a silkscreen of an injured mosquito on it. of course, he was wearing it off the shoulder.

we also rented a dvd for the first time in ages to watch last night. jesus camp. i had no idea that evangelicals believe the earth is here for us to use up with no thought to the future or depleted resources or wrecked environments and habitats because hey, we're only going to be here a short time. and i don't think they mean just their generation. more like the rapture cometh and bringeth with it the end of all mankind. so put some rocket boosters on your hummer deluxe and take a cross country drive.

we stopped by the house so we could pack up some apple peas and toys and headed over to fadi's (not many places were open, including fadi's) so that we could order take out from pei wei because the baby was all long-suffering in the backseat. we drove around a little in the car waiting for our order because the boy doesn't like still cars and the world's going to end soon anyway and we wound up turning down this tiny, little narrow road that had maybe eight crumbling old houses and a garage apartment where people go to be killed in horrifying ways on it in the middle of many non-crumbling residences on the other side of the block. some were boarded up. some were melting off their foundations. one had an old, plywood wheelchair ramp littered with cats. there were cats everywhere. there were two kittens laying on each other in the driveway and a tiny black kitten hovering in a driveway across the street. we rolled by like we were in a parade with our mouths open and our fingers pointing while we played a round of Spot the Cat.

then we went home and ate udon noodles and watched evangelicals and drank tecate.

just when i had drooped my chin and thought i wouldn't be seeing fireworks on the fourth, i heard a whump whump whump underscoring children preaching on the tv. i did a little 2 and 2 (the mathematical kind, not the bowel emptying kind) and darted to the sliding glass door to see a fireworks show in progress just past our limb on the tree. i watched the whole eight minutes while brian started tidying up the room behind me in preparation for his "deep massage" this evening with his new "musclebound gay masseuse boyfriend if you know what i mean".

at the fair park aquarium:
1. these are our profiles.
2. brian looks at fish. in profile.
3. excitement over the empty display case.
4. fish.
5. attacking octopus.

escaping from the fireworks at the cotton bowl

our official fourth of july portrait complete with nursing bed head

brian's official fourth of july portrait post-fireworks show
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