changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

bikini: i'll be passing out blinders.

i've just returned from a dallas rec center where i picked up member cards for oliver and myself. and now, i've just finished signing him up for swim lessons.

what am i thinking? don't i realize this means i have to show up in a bikini in front of strangers 8 times in the next 2 weeks? don't i realize that there's no way i'll be in any kind of bikini shape between now and monday, or forever for that matter?

on the plus side: $30 for 8 lessons. not too bad!

i've discovered dallas park and recreations provides a crapload of all kinds of sports and activities for really low prices. some are even free. i might sign us up for a mommy&me class in september where i'll embarrass myself further in front of strangers by singing and dancing like a maniac (at least, i suppose "movement" equates to some type of dance. or pretending you're a butterfly or a robot or a pony. please god, let us be ponies.)

i think ticketmaster's greed must be contagious. the swim class carries a $2.45 "convenience fee". pardon? is that the computer system's wages for processing my class registration? man. i wish i could get a job as a computer system.

sometimes, it's best to consult one's planner when signing up for classes before, rather than after. i've scheduled right over two things. i need darren to return to his post of coordinating the details of my life.

ms emily_swank: what time's your flight due in? care to visit the public pool the day after? they have wi-fi! and slides! and swings! and a pool!
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