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changing lives since 2003

fourth of july weekend, apparently.

it was only by posting a link on a local forum listing area events for the fourth of july that i barely realized it was all taking place this weekend instead of next. time progresses far too quickly for me to ever manage to keep up with it.

so my laundry list of activities to accomplish for the weekend got longer friday night. yet all we did friday night was watch children of men on pay-per-view while i sipped gin and lime mixed with one of the contraband grapefruit izzes i had been hiding from brian since the baby's party (otherwise, he would have drunk them all in rapid succession before i ever managed to work up a craving for one).

i had a disturbing dream saturday morning as a result of the movie. i had narrowly escaped a bomb that had blown a hole from the second floor all the way up to the top of a hotel i was staying in. i forget the rest of the weird details now. i didn't have time to linger on it for long because we needed to be up and at our free trial for the Little Gym by 8:30am. it was a crazy good time of the goofy parents caliber. there was clapping and jingle bell jingling and walking in a circle and galloping in a circle and tumbling and hanging from a bar and playing with balls and bubbles. oliver surprised us both with his unwavering tenacity as he crawled through a sea of strangers toward whatever might happen to be in his cross hairs. i kept waiting for him to look around, not see us close at hand, and flip; but, he never did. and he seemed to have a really good time. we'll probably sign up for what's left of the summer session. even though it will kill us making that time every saturday.

i'm also considering signing him up for swim lessons with the city of dallas parks and recreation. mon-thurs for two weeks... only $30! the only reasons i hesitate are because i would have to do it during work hours (which are rather unpredictable with their level of busyness) and because i would have to don a swimsuit over and over and over again in public. oh well. something about being pregnant and birthing a child seems to have made me care at least a little bit less. sort of.

anyhow, after the Gym and our coffees and the baby and brian's nap and my spectacular bran muffin with raisins, smart balance, and agave nectar, we drove downtown to the farmers market to purchase a dozen pullet eggs from a nearby farm run by a large, christian family that also raises free roaming, organic, grass fed animals. too bad the eggs came in a styrofoam container.

we tried to take oliver to one of my favorite buildings downtown that has all these crazy fountains, but the fountains were all turned off. so we headed to the galleria instead so that i could exchange a couple of items. while brian was buying skinny jeans at the levi's store, i took oliver to the indoor playground that has all these jungle animal sculptures and about 100 maniacal children flailing about on top of them. oliver was fascinated. i was horrified... by all the maniacal children. two different girls around four years old tried very hard to just pick oliver up. they just marched right over, threw their arms around his waist, and would not let go. the first girl seemed to have no supervision, but at least someone belonging to the second girl kept telling her to leave him alone. then oliver spotted this big plastic wheel with a marble inside that was affixed to the wall. a three year old boy was playing with it, so i tried holding oliver back. the little boy threw himself against the wheel and held on to it, so i diverted oliver to the two piece alligator sculpture nearby. he quickly crawled over to the lady bug and was slapping his hands on it when, all of a sudden, the boy appeared and jumped up on top of it. he seemed to be trying to step on oliver's hands. i felt more sure of this as he scooted his feet toward oliver's hand trying to push it off. little bastard.

it was more than i could handle so we took off.

daddy and i scarfed down four pretzels between the two of us and oliver had some milk while sitting in the car in the parking garage. it was a prelude to dinner picked up later from mint.

today, we skipped going to church so that we could go pick up some lamp shades for our new old lamps. we went down to fair park since there's a hullabaloo going on there today for the fourth. i missed that there were specific times for entry to the museums, so we paid our $8 for a very quick, crazed baby babbling time at the aquarium.

a storm was whipping up just like last year when we were rained out of the fireworks and even more rained out by a one month old baby. brian is napping with the baby again and i just finished laying on my back in the baby pen so i could look into the tree top outside our window and watch it rain until i drifted off for a couple of minutes. then i ate watermelon.

it's 5:12pm and i'm still holding out that it will clear up enough so that we can get an illegally held key from dave and go sit on the roof of the lofts where he used to live across the street from fair park.
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