changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

pretty young lady.

i've noticed over the course of the last week or so, people have gone from asking if oliver is a boy or a girl to not even questioning that he is a girl. multiple people per outing comment on his delicate good looks.

have i told you this already?

i'm still considering a hair trim.

today, after making a deposit at the bank, we ran away from a scary thunderstorm to north park mall so i could finally spend a lush gift certificate on some ocean salt. they are hardcore sellers there. this one chick pounced and tried to upsell me to some flufferby lemon something or another. she rubbed it into my cuticles and kept talking about not wanting me to drop my darling daughter. then she asked how she likes the sling and if i made it. i started to complain how we started out with the right size, thought it was too small, and now have a too big size so that it gets all cattywampus. then she mentioned how she makes them and i'm pretty sure was about to start pitching a freakin' sling to me so i out talked her and said how very adequate our sling is.

it really makes me not like going into lush. which is probably for the best since i've decided their idea of safe synthetics is not necessarily my idea of safe synthetics. which is probably for the best since their products cost a healthy dollar.

then i bought two shirts from the gap with HORIZONTAL STRIPES since there were no pants there that i was looking for. then i bought an iced soy latte from starbucks and an accidental CHOCOLATE CHIP CHUNK COOKIE to go with the HORIZONTAL STRIPES. good job keeping that weight off.

then we walked down to the other end of the mall to wait out the rain and pretend that i was negating CHOCOLATE CHUNK CALORIES AND HORIZONTAL STRIPES so oliver could see the ducks and turtles in this sad little indoor "pond". i managed to park it right next to what appeared to be a homeless man with a good eye for rest stops and then remembered how sad it is to see those turtles without a place to climb out of their mall water and the little ducks with their beaks tucked under their wings trying to pretend there isn't a gaggle of unruly children trying to make their day a living hell.
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