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happy anniversary: part III

yesterday, brian stayed home because he had come home early thursday evening with whatever i had a week ago. he had cleansed his bowels all day and finally ended up horking so loud and with such odd sounds that i kept thinking it was children playing outside. he puked in the sink.

so friday the baby took five or six steps in a row. and he's done it a couple of times since then. i think he's really digging his new trick. it's pretty fancy.

last night, darren came over to gift the baby with a bunch of "this is..." books by sasek and a dvd of lsd-inspired vintage children's shows. we went to the angelika to see crazy love. i went in cold. all i knew was the name of the movie. i rather liked it. falling back to our old ways, we followed up with drinks at the inwood lounge. we accidentally had three. a cosmo and two negras for me. three cups of vodka for darren.

i finally made it home, but somehow wasn't in bed until 2am. i think i passed through a black hole in our condo.

we were supposed to take the baby to a trial at a place called The Little Gym at 8:30am, but mommy was a little hung over and daddy was sleepy. how the hell do they expect people to be somewhere at 8:30am on a saturday? it will happen next week. that baby will socialize.

he took a shower with daddy this morning and was the cutest, littlest thing i've ever seen. almost as cute as another of his new tricks where he picks up a banana shaped piece of cereal with his index finger and thumb and takes tiny little crunchy bites off of it (he's new this week to finger foods).

today is our third anniversary.

since we're both boobs, we have yet to nail down whether it's the 21st or the 23rd in our heads. we were also so focused on the baby's party that we really didn't even think about it until that was over. it was at that point that we realized brian had tickets for tonight to go to the debbie harry/dresden dolls/erasure/cyndi lauper gayfest at starplex with ricky and ursula, et al.

we went shopping for lampshades for our "new" vintage lamps and stopped by good records before returning home for a nap. at which point, the baby refused to nap. we then met ricky and ursula for dinner at bangkok inn (what a great name) and then mommy was off to babysit for her anniversary. it was too nice to go straight home, so i took oliver to the park overlooking white rock lake and he giggled in the bucket swing and we walked by a bit of the lake and watched a family of ducks and strolled in front of the ancient boat houses. he was a real pill to get to sleep (he even managed to give me a bloody nose in the process), but one and a half hours later, i was free to make some blueberry bread and put on my new turqwahs cotton nightie from target that showcases my belly. it will showcase my belly even more after i put blueberry bread in it.

now that's a party.

tomorrow, we'll likely go to buchanan's antique market and have a repeat of father's day with dinner by the duck pond to officially celebrate.
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