changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

new journal.

on the spur of the moment, i decided this morning to create a new journal.

it will be a bit of a mish mosh of topics geared toward what i hope will help me to live a better, simpler, happier, and more uncluttered life. i'm mostly starting it just to keep changes i want to make at the forefront of my mind and help propel me forward. though i'm nervous about getting in over my head too quickly, i know that i tend to make changes more effectively when i'm holding myself accountable and not trying to pretend an issue doesn't exist or require attention yet.

i'll also use it as a to do list and place to store bits and pieces i've come across for easier future reference. i would keep it private (especially since i almost feel i'm opening myself up to criticism as it seems writing things down and presenting them to others can sometimes lend itself to), but i would like to receive input and information from anyone so inclined to sign on to it. i could use all the help i can get.

i've been sedentary for far too long and have learned in the last year that the steps i began taking ages ago with actions like vegetarianism and recycling have really only taken me so far. i've also learned there are many more sides to the coin than i ever thought possible and that i have proven myself to be far too naive and trusting (lord knows those qualities have gotten me into some big trouble in my day). time to hone those critical thinking skills...

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