changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

step step step.

someone took his first steps today!

and last sunday morning, he finally played a couple of rounds of peek-a-boo with his burp rag while we were all in bed. i know... most kids are doing that at one month. but our boy... he's special.

i'm so far behind in posting. so maybe i should go backwards.

i just got back from taking oliver to whole foods. he threw a fit or two. he got a hold of the chained up pen at the check out and drew on his very own fake eyebrow before i could get it away from him. i would be more horrified about how he almost destroyed his eye if i wasn't busy laughing so hard at how he looks like a drag queen. no wonder everyone thinks he's a girl. (photos to follow)

last night, we tried to go to cosmic cafe for dinner, but oliver started winding up about as soon as we sat down. so that order ended up being to go. we stuck that boy in bed and watched borat on pay-per-view.

thursday morning, i had another one of my episodes. i figure if i've had them happen three times in the last year, they must be episodes. i'm not talking about the heart weirdness. this is the diarrhea/vomiting weirdness. yea! i love throwing up and feeling like i'm going to throw up! i woke up feeling fine, but right as i was about to get out of bed, i realized my ass was about to explode and had to run for it. then i pulled my usual routine where i grab towels and throw them just ahead of my body on to the nastiest bathroom floor this side of the pecos. i averted puking and just had sweaty hot flashes instead. brian left me with the baby who spent all kinds of time playing in his pen happily (thank god).

by 11:00, i was throwing up water out of my mouth AND my ass! the baby napped on the couch with me and i prayed for brian to come home. he finally did around four and took the baby off my hands. so i could throw up water out of my mouth AND my ass all over again! i was miserable. i ached. i finally ate some soy ice cream and forced down a frozen lime bar. friday morning, i phoned evelyn and called off our plans to visit them in austin that night. i finally started feeling mostly normal by that afternoon. i'm pretty sure i have parasites.

late wednesday afternoon, we had oliver's one year appointment with the doctor. oh wait... our doctor disappeared without a word... i mean with the nurse (because they refused to schedule us with another doctor at the practice because they didn't want to steal patients). so we had nurse carol. she was nice enough, but sort of made me tired. she also made my head spin twenty-eight times every time she referred to my vegan ("veggin'") diet. my face started stinging from all the backhanded compliments on our parenting style. we're doing so many great, weird things. she also declared that daddy is more of a "novelty". i'll be hearing that one for awhile. the baby only gained an ounce, which freaked brian out. but let's face it: that baby had some pounds to spare. fortunately, dr karam came in to locate testicles for nurse carol and confirmed that there's absolutely nothing to worry about with his weight. his gimpy left eye, however, will need to go "see" the specialist. and that triangle of flesh in the bottom of his mouth that nurse carol declared was his frenulum (even i knew it wasn't his frenulum) just turned out to be prominent sublingual salivary glands. whatever that means. we never got the name of a dietitian to help us plan a veggin' diet for our malnourished baby.

we did finally learn that our doctor was in the process of opening her own practice. why they couldn't tell us that months ago, i know not. and why someone who's opening up a new practice wouldn't want to send out that information to their current clientele immediately is beyond me.

monday, i think i was suffering from post party blues so brian and i ran some errands and ended up getting mai's take out.

i'm at the end of my rope. i can't write up the party of the year without photos. of course, i later learned i didn't have all that many photos on our digital camera. oops. i know there was a band of paparazzi here, so i'm just hoping they share the fruits of their labor at some point.

but anyway, the baby's taking little steps now. and we're trying to keep him from catapulting on to his face.
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