changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

good morning, oneshine!

last night, we had a repeat of night before last. he woke up screaming a couple of times around 11:30pm and then was up and down from about 5am on until we finally just gave up and brian took him out to the living room around 7. i might know what all the fuss is about. i finally spotted two teeth trying to break through on the bottom on either side of the two teeth already there. poor baby.

in celebration of the big 1, brian took off today and tomorrow. so they're napping now. and i'm out here dying on the couch and missing enough brain power that i can't fathom being able to concentrate sufficiently to work.

today's plan was to stroll into a sunlit bedroom singing happy birthday (which i forgot to familiarize him with) and snap a super cute photo of him grinning in bed. we would then proceed to warm up to the birthday festivities by opening the presents wrapped in painfully cute jungle paper and sent by emily_swank. although it might kill me to put even one tear in that paper. ps: ms swank! what are you doing sending all those gifts? you don't have to impress us... i promise we'll let you stay with us when you visit. as if that's a good thing! no one likes to stay with the rai.ney-ell.issesess.

instead, it's 9:30am and he's wearing a ratty diaper cover and is topless and that room doesn't even get any direct sunlight. i'm not sure how he's planning on pulling off the cute photo. i'm hoping he'll sleep at least three hours at which point i will proceed casually as if it is 8 o'clock in the morning and no one shall be the wiser. except for you, dear journal.

great. now i'm going to be singing good morning, starshine for the rest of the damn day.
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