changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

sleepy baby. sleepy mommy. sleepy daddy. busy workmen.

it's coming up on 9:30am and oliver is still asleep. and that's with two workmen in the kitchen making all kinds of racket for hours installing two tiny pieces of sheetrock in the ceiling.

it's a miracle!

or, it would be a miracle if he hadn't been up from 4:48am (or so) until 7:00am.

my head's making buzzing things. and the coffee is trapped in there with the workmen. trapped! what if they drink it?! what if they lift the pot to their dusty lips and drain the contents verily into their ever-widening sheetrocked maws?!

what if they don't drink it and i get in there finally finally to find nothing but a coffeepot filled with coffee-wetted sheetrock dust? what if?

it's the final week to get the house in order. ha! and i've been asked to rebuild our most monstrous script from the ground up. and tomorrow is big boy's birthday so there will be not so much work getting done. then brian's brother's family will be arriving friday night and here saturday morning. !!! poor house. oh dear. but there won't be holes in the kitchen ceiling. look up everybody!
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