changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

things with babies: mother's day redux, the big day approacheth.

i'm disturbed that i'm starting to notice how these kids' shows i used to think were awful have started growing on me. i can tolerate teletubbies. i no longer seethe when they repeat the little video segments immediately after showing them the first time. i find blue's clues to be rather soothing. i'm finding merits with the go, diego, go. it even hypnotized me mid-command-typing moments ago. i still hate dora.

i failed to make an entry regarding my first official mother's day. since it was within the time span that required obsessing over cleaning up the condo, i spent time obsessing over cleaning up the condo throughout the day. brian got me a lovely card that plays what a difference you've made in my life when you open it. he didn't give it to me while we were brunching at a snazzy restaurant so that all the stuffy types would stare and i would be embarrassed like they do in the commercial. he just gave it to me while i was on the couch along with that christ-centric brown paper shopping bag we keep passing back and forth containing the happiest toddler on the block (companion to our life-saving the happiest baby on the block), a starbucks card with the remnants of what nichole had given him for his birthday (which i promptly used up), and shoot... i forget what the other thing was that was in there. (remind me, brian) he took me to dine on the patio at dream cafe where we watched small french children cavort freely amongst american dogs. the baby stayed up happily past his bedtime throwing toys down onto the paving stones while we ate vegan burgers and drank beer.

now, here i sit staring into the gaping maw of my one year anniversary of babydom. seriously... where did the time go. i've managed to compact the past two years into one. every time i reference some occurrence in the not too distant past, i have to dig my fingers into the strands of the last couple of years to count them up properly and remember that the span of oliver in the womb and out of the womb is more like two years instead of one.

i'm trying to make sure i don't get so mentally consumed with the final push getting this place in shape and everything together for the party that i forget to adequately appreciate his birthday proper on thursday. i like to dwell in my head on upcoming milestones, but i still haven't really done that for this one yet. and come on, this is a big one.

we've had all the presents lined up and ready to go for a few weeks now, but we still don't know exactly what we're doing to celebrate. brian's taking the day off to clean some. if it wasn't going to be a sub-scorching 92 degrees, i would say we should head straight for turtle creek (where we have still neglected to take him aside from that one fall day) and then off to the bucket swings. maybe we'll finally put on our bathing suits and really get soaked in the miniature water court at the park.

my baby! my baby!
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