changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

speaking of chopping the top...

... i went to see melody last night and get my locks abridged.

i drove brian's focus again because it looks like the camry is up to its old flat tire tricks again. but she's being tricky and not going completely flat. just flat enough that i'm scared to drive more than two miles, but not so flat that you can tell it's a complete wash.

we looked through this fantastic magazine called The Hair Gallery and decided not to cut my hair like any of the photos therein.

once she had me looking like a paragon of fashion forwardness, we took the party over to the martini lounge and talked about melody's new life as a rapidly divorcing, young woman. i drank a gin gimlet and a kirin. and 1.5 glasses of ice water.

her friend, mike, showed up and we all sat at the bar talking babies and probably other things.

speaking of babies, oliver and i practiced his standing in the baby pen yesterday afternoon and got up to maybe 10 seconds and one or two attempts at taking a step. while i was gone, brian reported that oliver had stood unassisted for about 30 seconds and taken a couple of tentative steps while he was distracted by holding his playground ball. then he figured out he wasn't holding on to anything stable and crashed. oh yes, and he's also learned how to arch his back and throw back his upper half and scream. ahh... the makings of a tantrum.
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