changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

out two nights in a row.

last night, as partial payment for doing our taxes, i took darren to see the amy & david sedaris play the book of liz at the white rock lake bathhouse cultural center. "bathhouse cultural center"? that just doesn't make any sense. oxymoron!

either way, we kept our clothes on.

darren's mate, paul, met us there. it was a so-so production. there were two girls sitting smack dab in front of us who must have had seconds of the mary jane brownies being sold at the concession counter because they were giggling and guffawing at EVERYTHING like crushing schoolgirls. even the fairly emotive paul was rolling his eyes and smirking.

we let paul and his recovered alcoholism go home alone while the two of us went to tell tales at cosmo's. i had a cosmo's cosmo which always spells trouble. we've never figured out how they manage to mix up martinis that really snuggle up between your ass cheeks. i'm a bit more sleep deprived than usual today, so i'm not completely sure that last sentence makes any sense at all so suffice it to say that the martinis fuck you up. and then i had a beer.

as always, when doves cry played on the jukebox, but i managed to not straddle darren and screech that one part. because i was too fuzzy to concentrate that long. the next thing i knew, everyone was singing the chorus to sweet caroline. oh, cosmos'... how i can always count on you to never change the jukebox.

i like the way that my two best friends both used the word "pariah" during their conversations with me within 24 hours of one another.

hallelujah. brian came home early today because his company likes to give the last third of a work day off before holidays. so he was able to take that baby, who REFUSED to nap today and who has also REFUSED to not fuss because he's tired, off my hands for a nap. i haven't seen either of them for two hours. i drank a caffeinated alcoholic beverage to celebrate and actually got some work done. i feel buzzy buzzed.
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