changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

can you bake your way out of a crisis? teach me how!

so i've been practicing making oliver's birthday cake. the finished product is supposed to look like this:

so far, it's been a bit of a disaster.

the cake in the photo is banana, but, in an attempt to please a crowd, i'm shooting for chocolate. my first attempt also included modifications to make it a little less unhealthy. someway, somehow, most every time i bake (which is amazingly infrequent), i invariably end up having to extend the baking time far beyond what a recipe calls for. i'm not sure why. add to that the fact that i was baking the cake in a stainless steel bowl instead of a flat pan and i was adding all kinds of time on. i finally gave up and decided that the cake would finish baking itself out of the oven. you know, kind of like asparagus does if you don't douse it with cold water. i am a master baker.

needless to say, i flipped that bad boy out of the bowl and found out i had ended up with a molten chocolate volcano cake. it was like one of those pudding-in-the-middle cakes only instead of tasty pudding, it had not-so-tasty modified cake batter.

my second attempt was decidedly less ambitious as i decided to use dr. oetker's organic chocolate cake mix and none of my fancy substitutions. again, that bitch just wasn't baking all the way through, but i kept leaving it in for longer. i finally removed it from the oven and the bowl and it did not explode with unbaked batter. it's been sitting in there for 2 days waiting for my sad attempts at cake decorating. i have a feeling it's going to be less than fluffy and it looks a little on the compact side.

help me! in order to get it to bake through properly without crisping up the edges, do i need to extend the baking time or adjust the oven temperature or both or use a pyrex bowl or get a different mold? i looked at sur la table for some sort of fancy double pan set that would make hemispheres. they didn't have one.

i make for a lousy mommy in this department.
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