changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
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wrap it up.

i'm becoming more and more overwhelmed by the senseless packaging that seems to be erupting like a fountain all around me.

for instance, one of the many facets to this prism is how grocery stores have become obsessed with packaging produce. ironically, at least at the super target anyway, organic producers seem to be the biggest culprits.

cauliflower, stoplight bell peppers, a quaternary of tomatoes, individual zucchinis and yellow squashes, even coconuts for cryin' out loud. i've begun to refuse to purchase many of these items just because i can't bear the ridiculousness of it and all the waste. DON'T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT PRODUCE ALREADY COMES SELF-PACKAGED?! don't consumers realize that it's silly to hermetically seal produce against dirt because PRODUCE GROWS OUTDOORS AND EVEN SOMETIMES IN THE DIRT?! ergo the aforementioned self-packaging.

it drives me loopy.

want to hear the worst i've witnessed lately? the absolute worst? avoclassic (the makers of pre-packaged guacamole and salsa and yes, their motto is, apparently, "fresherized food: fresherized means flavor") has a new "product": an avocado which has been halved with the pit and skin removed, shrink-wrapped, and placed inside a cardboard box. hallelujah! no more spending 30 seconds preparing my own avocado!

it reminds me of those cereal sets that came/come with a little box of cereal, a plastic bowl, a plastic spoon, and a little carton of milk all shrink-wrapped and boxed up because kids might be too retarded to pour cereal and milk from the large containers, but they're not too retarded to pour them from the small containers. thank heavens! mom and dad don't have to get up at the crack of dawn on a saturday to pour cereal for the kids anymore!

i googled to see if these things still exist only to realize this crap must be considered some kind of new day, modern marvel, scientific miracle. there's actually someone out there sitting in his barca lounger and patting himself on the back for coming up with this crap that's fueling our rocket ship straight into environmental armageddon.
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