changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

drought conditions under rain clouds and the aloo matar sabzi continues to elude.

"they" keep saying that all week, the heavens are going to open up and unleash all its fury upon the university place condominiums. it still hasn't happened. i've heard the distant rumbling of very raucous and wicked sounding thunder the last two late nights, but no deluge has sogged up our grass here just yet.

it's getting warmer quickly. i feel sticky and sweaty and out of sorts just walking around the house. i try to avoid using the a/c, but that will only get me so far for so long. the baby sweats like it's going out of style even when the air doesn't feel particularly warm.

we got in the car at 1pm today. i was finally on my way to the indian grocer heaven that is subzi mandi. and, for the second time, i failed to find this leviathan. and i even used a map today. it's one of my usual failings: i think it's good enough to just scan the map, but then it often turns out i really could have used address specifics for troubleshooting purposes.

instead, i went to target to look through some slim pickings for a mother's day card. remind me to get that thing in the mail tonight. i also, finally, found a pair of bikini bottoms to match the bikini top i already had. this took several scourings of three targets to finally find something larger than a medium. so now, i have a size XL, baby. it's a rather unimpressive XL. you would think an XL might look more like a tent than half a dinner napkin. watch out residents of university place! and thank your lucky stars i've dropped that baby fat that you lay witness to last summer!

speaking of residents of university place, i think i failed to mention that we've heard through the grapevine that helen's dog, wishbone, passed away recently. and they think it was a result of the recent rounds of melamine food poisoning. i cannot even fathom how many animals' lives have been claimed by this ridiculous outbreak. i've seen countless people just on livejournal reporting sick or dead pets. it's disgusting. wishbone was everything to helen. and this at a time when she needed him most, when she's losing her home and her independence and when she's likely moving to the last home she'll ever have.

anyhow. the chhole's waiting on the stove for tonight's dinner and i learned something new from the culinary world: sometimes, cloves of garlic will turn a bright green-blue when mixed with copper, iron, tin or aluminum.

Garlic contains sulfur compounds which can react with copper to form copper sulfate, a blue or blue-green compound. The amount of copper needed for this reaction is very small and is frequently found in normal water supplies. Raw garlic contains an enzyme that if not inactivated by heating reacts with sulfur (in the garlic) and copper (from water or utensils) to form blue copper sulfate. The garlic is still safe to eat.

ps: it's sad that mr puppy pants is gone, but it's nice to see ttyki venturing out of the bedroom again. moments ago, she was rolling on the floor and loving all over brian's pink satin mouse. and people say she's mean. you can't be mean when you're loving on a pink satin mouse.
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