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the baby went for his first ride in his new convertible car seat yesterday. i'm so used to seeing him curled up like a little doodle bug and swaddled in that infant car seat. he just looks so out there in this one. at least it's plush. i'll never understand why manufacturers tend to make car seats and strollers out of that nylon-like material. those poor babies sweat out half their liquids in those things.

yesterday afternoon, oliver performed an act of cup stacking brilliance. he had one in his hand, looked a couple of feet away and saw the next size up cup, reached over, and dropped the first one right in like nobody's business. i'm always worrying that i'm missing all kinds of things he's doing over there while i'm working. i wonder if he's started walking yet. any day now...

i still think about professor harry pants from time to time. yesterday evening was the first walk we've taken since he left (and the poor insertion technique applied to my diva cup was trying to kill me every step of the way). my illness from the weekend before ended up stretching out for ages with these fantastic stomach cramps. i was in the house for SIX DAYS and positively stir crazy. and now it's starting to get too warm to walk comfortably. i'm so disappointed. i've had almost three months of fantastic walks. it felt so good to be outside and active. now i just want to shave my head and take off my clothes and hide in a shady breeze.

months ago, i finally purchased paint to paint the small bit of wall surrounding the sliding glass door and next to the white brick fireplace. it came out laffy taffy green. and then it stayed that way because i was frozen by my apparent inability to choose proper paint colors. we finally took the plunge again this weekend and i am now in the process of painting the wall the color of edward gorey's the object-lesson. it's looking smashing.

we also finally picked up some succulents. every spring, i'm filled with the desire to plant, plant, plant. then, by the time late summer rolls around and i'm reminded just how brown my thumb is, i swear off personally owned greenery forever. so at least this year, we're leaning a little more toward xeriscaping, i guess you could say. dad has also offered to hook us up with a sun-hardy plant medley. if that doesn't work, we'll just continue on with the monkey grass and the three foot tall fancy weed that have grown without us planting or watering them. that and the onion i dropped in a pot of dirt just for shits and giggles.

i've finally begun the process of signing up to receive organic produce every other week. it's the kind where they just give you a big old mixed bag of stuff and you don't have to sit around trying to figure out what you should order and you don't have to fret that you always order the same stuff and never venture outside your comfort zone. i can hardly wait.

today, i was driving oliver around for an afternoon nap and checking out which parks might have shade covered bucket swings. i went back by the belcher park which i didn't even know existed until a month ago. the area i had previously thought was a basketball court was spraying water every which way. that's because it isn't a basketball court at all... it's this tiny, little water park. there were several kids out playing and getting soaked. i couldn't put oliver in the bucket swing because it would have singed the back of his thighs, so i swung with him on my lap and let him watch the kids in the water. i then tried to stand him up in about a half inch of the water. he didn't know what to make of it and immediately started turning around for me to pick him back up out of it.

so we went to tom thumb to get the rest of what i'd need to make spaghetti sauce... that doesn't come from a jar! tomatoes, garlic, basil, bay leaves from my parents' tree, rosemary from the small bush we just purchased, olive oil, oregano, diced onion, a dash of cayenne pepper, salt, crushed black pepper, mushrooms, zucchini. and then, because i always fear that it won't taste quite right, i dumped in a small can of tomato paste. well, i really did it because i was greedy for the mushroom stock and didn't want to slosh it down the drain, so i needed something to thicken it up. last night, we made mushroom and black olive pizzas. tomorrow, we're having chole. holy crap. three real meals in a row.

i plan on going to the mega indian grocer that is subzi mandi tomorrow afternoon for the first time. i'm scared. and excited. and hopeful for the patak's vegetable curry. please god, let it be there and not looking terribly rusty. and i wouldn't mind me some agra peas & greens either.
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