changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

monday morning.

i've been trying to wean the baby a bit from his tv stories. he just happily played a good 45 minutes in his veal pen before starting to look a little at loose ends. i started the baby einstein water dvd my mother brought him yesterday on their way out of town from mara and donnie's. he's begun that kind of babbling that babies do that's so cute. the kind where they're really having a ball getting everything off their chest that's been pent up behind ill communication until now.

i just ate a warmed up ginger pig cookie that i got from the mexican bakery yesterday afternoon and am drinking a double walled glass full of coffee mixed with ice mixed with kahlua my parents brought from mexico mixed with soymilk made of nothing but soybeans and filtered water.

until i find out exactly what all is in the naughties that i get from the mexican bakery and have to swear them off for eternity, i highly recommend visiting your local mexican bakery. i am sad that ours no longer lets you pick up the aluminum tray and tongs and go at the cases on your own, but the goods are still just as mysterious as before even with them tonging them for you. there's much pointing and jabbing and trying to give quick bakery case vector coordinates in order to pinpoint your heart's desires. we purchased two ginger pigs, a cinnamon twist, a brown cookie (i have no idea what flavor it is, but it's super thick), this little number that has cinnamon roll type pastry around the outside and a cupcake like intruder setting up camp in the middle, a cheese danish, and four subway sandwich type mini loaves. how much did this baked bounty set us back, you ask? $4.00.

it helps medicate the sting just a tiny bit while i send a check to my father for $444.72 for repairs to the ford. new shocks, adjustments to the linkage, a carburetor adjustment, and a steam cleaning of the engine. it upsets me to hear how the ford is becoming more fantastic. i have to fight this little fluttering in my chest that threatens to fly me over into a bad place where i want to take the ford back.

am i wrong, or out of bounds at least, for wanting an ebay seller to reimburse the $13 round trip shipping in addition to the purchase price on a vintage $12.50 dress which i want to return because she listed a 30 in waist and it was more like a 35-36 inch waist and because she pictured it with this wide, white sash that i thought was a part of the dress (which, ironically, made it look like it had a 30 inch waist), but turned out to be a belt and the listing neglected to mention anything about a belt? and i won't even go into the way it reeked so badly of perfume that brian's hard-to-trigger asthma started to kick in and i got a headache and felt like my skin might be burning off where it had touched the dress. it's causing me such angst. i hate confrontation. and she's a bit of a nasty, lying bitch, too. buyer's remorse my ass. i've got a tape measure too.
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