changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

scan fest 0407!

this is uncle dave riding his motorized bicycle in the parade and doing what appears to be scaring the baby. but he's not, dave's just scary without trying. i won't go into why.

i'm far from pleased with my appearance in this photo, but i was impressed with brian's backgrounding skills.

speaks for itself.

so here are the photos from that afternoon trip to pioneer park. i was using expired film, which can produce some neat effects. however, this is the one i'm always crossing my fingers doesn't happen. why couldn't it have happened on one of the oliver-has-a-bad-hair-day photos? or, maybe it's one of the STRAIGHT EDGED VERTICAL GHOSTS OF PIONEER CEMETARY!

i don't really look like this.

i had to pull teeth to get brian to pose anywhere near a flag. that boy and his crazy ideals. this isn't about politics.

this is the long overdue presentation of the winner of the photo competition for halloween 2006. "pensive celebration":

i call this one "time to use up the rest of the roll".
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