changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's ripping me apart.

i've found myself in the fun position of being The Ultimate Decider in the Fate of the Professor Harry Pants. this is not easy.

i grew up a dog person thanks to one fantastic peekapoo (terrier mix) named ginger. i didn't understand the merits of cats until i moved out on my own. i think i might have acclimated to cats because this dog seems like a whole lot of work. although, he is napping quietly over on the edge of the baby's play mat.

i'm totally torn in half and know i will be breaking everyone's hearts (mine included) by sending him away. i pleaded with my mother and my sister to take him so that he would still be in the family, but they didn't bite. i even suggested a time share program. nope.

so now i'm down to doing what i hate doing: making a pros and cons list.

super cute
right size
mild mannered
makes brian happy
the baby likes to watch him
some day, the baby can play with him
maybe our efforts to pay attention to the other beings will be stepped up and actually improve?
some day, i really hope to have a yard. i wouldn't mind quite as much having a dog if i had a yard. and it's more fair to the dog.

no yard
requires walking during rain, cold, extreme heat
poop scooping
litter poo eating
cats are already neglected
our lives are already incredibly busy (and we don't even have much of a social life)
do we have enough attention to go around (i already feel there's not enough paid to the baby)
i've had a rough time adjusting to mommyhood. it feels very overwhelming have another being running around and constantly demanding attention.
strangers should coo over my baby only, not the puppy.
it's difficult taking walks with the dog and the stroller and i don't like having my attention divided when i need to be diligent about safety. i also can't take the dog into stores during the walk.
has to be let out to potty.
makes travel difficult. if we take him with us, neither of our parents have fenced yards and evelyn (who is about to move to a house in austin and already has two dogs and 3 cats) will likely not appreciate a strange dog there. we have no one to dog sit for us and will have to pay a sitter. i will feel like a heel trying to bring ttyki to my parents if i have a dog in tow as well.
it's technically illegal to have more than three pets in multi-housing in dallas and we risk having ann execute a citizen's arrest and holding us in her shower stall until the police arrive.

and then there's this:

and this:

oh yeah, and a little bit of that:
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