changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm the worst aunt ever

i honestly don't know what's wrong with me. i've always prided myself on staying close to home so i could be with my family and be around while my niece and nephew grow up. this includes going home for everyone's birthdays (or at least within one weekend of the birthday) which i have always done since i left home in '92. this includes both parents, my sister, my niece, and my nephew.

i was sitting here tonight making gift certificates for my nephew (the kids get so much stuff that in the last year i've decided to give them certificates to actually go do things like movies, putt putt, bowling, etc). i needed to get these together for his party on saturday.

so it's 9:30 pm and by some stroke i realize it's july 16 and it finally occurs to me that his birthday is today. i'd gotten so hung up on his party being the 19th that i'd completely forgotten the actual birthday. i immediately call my sister and tell her i'm the worst aunt ever and it was all i could do to not burst into tears right then.

god...i've been feeling so distanced from my family the last 6mos or so and i guess this just cinches it.

i feel like such a horrible jackass. how could i forget?
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