changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

weighing in: my butt and my heart.

somebody weighs 130.2. first thing in the morning. after morning poo elimination and before eating or drinking. while wearing a wife beater and sweat pants. and using the scale that will, at times, give three different readings within a minute and a half. but 130.2 came up twice in a row.

somebody else weighs 133.6. before eating. possibly after morning poo elimination. wearing only a hair bikini top and full hair pants.

can you guess who weighs which?

somebody also went to their follow up appointment with their cardiologist yesterday and had another routine ekg and received a diagnosis from the doctor of "boringly normal" which, under the circumstances, is a declaration i will happily accept.

then, somebody celebrated with a soy latte and a chocolate chip cookie and pleasure.

then, when i returned home, the elderly man who had woken my baby from his morning nap with super load noises up in our ceiling was gone and in his place was left a ceiling access panel over the top floor of our foyer so that anyone from the street can now come and go into our attic and possibly into our home at will. and the property management bitch was all: "well, we do it at other locations and have never had a problem." good answer. bitch. you also refuse to fix 15 foot geysers outside my bedroom window at 2am while being perfectly bitchy bitch about it, but that doesn't make anyone happy. bitch.
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