changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

daily candy becomes a religious convert.

i couldn't be more perplexed by Daily Candy's Everywhere offering this morning. their tips are normally so over the top pricewise, that i tend to delete with barely a glance. and they are definitely high on the trendy scale.

so how is it that today they are plugging a site called Wholesome Wear? i checked to see if it was one of the advertising emails. nope. the little drawing didn't explain much, so i clicked over to the site. it's obviously geared toward the apostolic crowd: swimsuits that are more like clothing (and more likely to drown!) and ladies lacking cosmetics but with no shortage of long hair wearing unattractive outfits that cover their pants with a dress designed to detract attention from the body.

i don't get it.

that one there on the left... she must be on the swimteam with that ultra sleek culotte suit! daring!
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