changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

car repairs and mismatched teeth.

i just phoned the service station to pay my bill. it was something crazy like $48.20. what?! a car repair bill less than $1000? less than $50!? i think someone's playing an early april fool's joke on me.

my father said the battery didn't even need to be replaced. just charged up. the oil and oil filter were changed and the inspection completed (finally... i've been waiting for that one for a couple of years now).

my father grew quiet as we joked around about who would buy it and i reiterated it wouldn't be to someone with a penchant for bucket seats. perhaps he felt the tide of what he has undertaken rising about his ears.

filed under "where did my baby go?": granted, this should have been done a month ago, but brian lowered the crib last night. i waited until this morning to look at it. it's really low. it swallows my baby up. he can't peer over the top any longer. did i mention his fifth tooth is coming in and his sleep schedule is totally fucked and he's become positively fusstastic?
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