changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

there were no beatings with bull hooks.

it was rather fancy, us having evelyn babysit just three weeks after brian's birthday. but i had gotten a farewell email from cirque du soleil saying that corteo was leaving dallas and tickets for the last week were discounted 50%. i didn't even know they had arrived in the first place. so i purchased quickly and beat out all those other chumps who don't, can't, or won't check their inboxes with feverish intensity.

we hesitantly left the baby for what would be his longest episode without parental supervision and we headed to the 4:00pm show saturday before last. we were running a little late and had a bit of traffic, so my heart decided to have a little episode for an hour and a half. but i didn't die.

it was brian's first show and my fourth and it was absolutely gorgeous. the theme wound its tendrils deeply into every aspect of the production. it began with a rather somber premise: death and the funeral procession. the costuming and sets drew from the 1800's. but not the tea party, prim and proper variety. it was, of course, the bohemian and carnival element. and yes! there were two midgets! one of the best parts was when the dead guy brought the tiny, little lady out. she was inside this little rig that circled her waist so she could spin about and it was connected to five gigantic balloons. he tossed her around in the air for awhile and then sent her bouncing out atop the audience a couple of times. had i been five, you would've found me late the next afternoon jumping off the top of the slide holding on to balloons and umbrellas.

instead of trampolines, there were trampoline beds. a performer flipped about like a rag doll while suspended from a mess of weights and pulleys. a muscular man dangled precariously from the pony tail of his female partner. even though the jugglers dropped props periodically, they were still fascinating. so fast i couldn't even keep up just with the watching.

brian tried to make out with me outside the big top.

when we arrived home, we learned oliver had been relatively well-behaved, aside from a 20 minute crying jag that erupted at the end of nap time.

then we went to the st. patrick's day parade and saw another midget. two weekends in a row! that must mean magical good luck! because then we got all this money back from governments and health insurance companies!
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